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    Neighboring Counties:
    Clay (North)
    Oktibbeha (west)
    Monroe (north of Clay)
    Noxubee (south)

    This pension roll was found in the group of records transferred 
    from the Lowndes County Department of Archives and History to the
     Columbus-Lowndes Public Library.  The following names are found 
    in the book and are indexed here.
    Acker, J. E.			
    Aiker, J. E.			
    Allen, Emma			
    Anderson, D. K.		
    Anderson, H. W.	
    Andrews, D. B.			
    Archer, E.	
    Archer, Eliza		
    Arnold, W. E.			
    Austin, T. X.			
    Ayres, R. T.			
    Bailey Mary A.		
    Bailey, H. J.			
    Barley, Mary A.
    Bell, M. J.			
    Black, E. W.			
    Blatty, W. J.			
    Block, E. W.			
    Blythe, A.
    Bower, A. J.			
    Bradley, A. P.			
    Brayealle, W. M.		
    Brewer, A. J.
    Burke, Carrie			
    Burleson, J. M.		
    Burns, A. C.			
    Bush, A. F.			
    Bush, A. F.			
    Carper, M. E.			
    Casper, M. G.			
    Cherry, Mary E.		
    Claric J. C.			
    Cockenham, W. A.			
    Conn, J. M.			
    Conner, S.			
    Craddock, Jn.				
    Curtis, R. J.				
    Daugherty, Nathan		
    Davis, L. L.			
    Dodem, Mary A.		
    Dodion, J. W.			
    Dodron, M. A.			
    Doler, Jas. A.			
    Dowdle, J.A.				
    Duncan, E. S.				
    Eagen, A. R.			
    Egger, Conditia		
    Egger, J.			
    Egger, M. A.				
    Egger, Mattie J.	
    Elle, Nancy		
    Eubanks, J. H.			
    Ezell, Jno. T.			
    Fanz, Martha			
    Faulkner, J. A.				
    Faulkner, J. D.
    Featherstone, E.		
    Flood, T. H.			
    Gannon, Eliza			
    Gentry, Chas. H.			
    Gibson, W. A.			
    Gillis, M. E.			
    Gillis, Mrs. M. E.		
    Goyne, E. H.			
    Graves, Nancy			
    Green, Lucretia			
    Griffin, Mary R.		
    Gunter, F. A.			
    Hammond, T.
    Hearon, Lizzie
    Hendon, H. J.
    Hudson, L.
    Jernigan, S. P.
    Kalb, W. J.
    Kendrick, Sarah
    Kidd, J. L.
    Kidd, Wm.
    Lamb, Rubiad
    Land, E. J.
    Lane, Mary
    Lany, Jesse R.
    Laug, B. M.
    Loftis, N. A.
    Lollar, J. L.
    Loovey, W. J.
    Lory, Lemuel
    Lowery, W. J.
    Maron, W. A.
    Martin, D. J.
    Martin, J. W.
    Martin, T..
    Mason, W.A.
    McClung, A. H.
    McCrary, Carrie
    Miller, J. K.
    Mitchell, H. E.
    Moorchian, J. J.
    Morrah, Mrs. Julia
    Morris, C. E.
    Morris, Fannie
    Morton, W. J.
    Mustin, Maurie
    Noland, R. M.
    O'Neill, N. P.
    Patrick, R. M.
    Payne, A. S.
    Perkins, Martha
    Pistole, A. B.
    Pool, Wm.
    Pope, J. M.
    Redd, A. A.
    Redd, R. A.
    Reeves, Bettie
    Richards, Lucinda
    Shack, Ella
    Sharp, J. W.
    Sharp, Josh
    Sharps Francis M.
    Smith, C. M.
    Smith, S.
    Speiss, R. R.
    Staggs, John
    Strickland, S. J.
    Sutton, Eliza
    Swauzey, G. W.
    Swauzey, Sam A.
    Swauzy, Mrs.
    Swift, M. E.
    Switzer, M. A.
    Tarlton, Francis
    Taylor, J. A.
    Taylor, Martha
    Taylor, Mary
    Taylor, Mary
    Taylor, P. B.
    Taylor, P. M.
    Thomas, S. E.
    Vandinir, E. M.
    Walters, Mary S.
    Webster, A. A.
    Wells, Jno.
    Wells, Jno.
    Westbrook, Z. T.
    White, M. E.
    Wilder, L. J.
    Willis, Spencer
    Winnifred, S.
    Wood, M. J.
    Wood, P. N.
    Wood, W. G.
    Youngblood, W. H.

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