Page 15  Autobiography  Benjamin Lafayette Smith
 later years, but am satisfied I made no money possibly lost some.
 I sold all my lots on a credit, and up to date have not lost on account of credit plan.
 I sold my Tibbe bottom land and my little place to A. P. Wilkey in Feb for $ in partial
 payments and have collected all. In August 1919 labor being scarce and hard to control, and
 my place that I had lived on since December 1881, being larger than I could manage, I sold
 for $6000.00 and bought a small lot on corner of Court and Westbrook streets for $3100.00.
 Lucy and I left for Junaluska, N. C. Aug 26th 1919 and remained there two weeks and went
 to Balsam a much higher altitude, hoping to avoid hay fever which I had had every year for
 thirty or more years, but could not see that I was benefitted any. After spending a most
 pleasant time at these two places, we left for home on the 25th September. We moved into
 our new home on Court street, and I have given my whole time and attention to improving it
 and working my garden since we moved. When I quit business in 1910 I found that I was
 worth more than I was when I came to West point, but having no income since that time, I
 find that I have used a good deal of my principal.