Artesia, Lowndes County, Mississippi
Pythian Cemetery

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Old Part of the Cemetery.
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By "old part" I mean, the original cemetery which was a part of the Methodist Church going back into the late 1800's. As that part of the cemetery became full or plots all bought, a track of land adjoining this cemetery on its west boundary was obtained from the Cook family and the Knights of Pythias either bought it or became responsible for selling the plots. In 1947, the Pythians built two brick pillars and a plaque to the entrance of this "newer" section. So, if you have obituaries that state "Artesia Methodist Church cemetery, or a white person being buried in the "Artesia" cemetery or "United Methodist Church Cemetery", its all the same cemetery. Just within the past twenty-five years, another section of land was purchased that bordered on the south boundary of the "Pythian" section (or second section). This newest section originally was the football field of the Artesia School.
Map of Artesia area.
The following photos were provided by Jeannine Smith, March 2004,
as were many of the tombstone photos.
      Back side of Methodist Church with part of cemetery
Front View of Methodist Church with cemetery behind

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I grew up in the house that backs up to this cemetery. As a child, I was fascinated by the tombstones in this cemetery and spent many hours reading, looking and wondering who some of these folks were. I guess that is how my genealogy hobby was born. I catalogued all of the stones in the Spring-Summer 2002 and have photographed various stones as time permits, and continue to go back when I visit my relatives in Mississippi. I have tried to put relationships on each person if I know it, or if I can find it in the census images. If I missed your relatives' grave or have an error in transcribing it, please send me an email to let me know the correct addition.
(oktibbehalowndes (at) yahoo dot com)

This cemetery is located behind the Artesia United Methodist Church in Artesia, Mississippi, near the location of the old schoolhouse, on the north end of the town, near the intersection of Front Street and Church Street.

One Lone Grave with the headstone long destroyed by vandals, lies along the old road between Artesia and Bent Oak , near Beulah Grove. I remember seeing it when I was a child in the 50's, my grandfather would always point it out to me.

Hopkins, Mrs. Hester
Born January 23, 1806
Died July 11, 1848

I believe this was the wife of John Hopkins, age 60 on 1850 Lowndes Census, Stamped Page #80.