Beulah Grove MB Church, Lowndes County, Mississippi Cemetery

Old Building til 2007
New Building, November 23, 2007

Location: 33.25.31 N 88.37.36 W

Located on the old Artesia-Columbus road, east of the town of Artesia, about a mile east of the railroad crossing. This is still an active church and active burials in cemetery located behind and to the side of the church.
Jeannine Smith and I visited on November 23, 2007, took some photos of the grounds and New Church Building, but it was too muddy to walk the cemetery.

UPDATE: We have received a list of people buried in this cemetery by just one Funeral Home locally. Imagine how many more there are buried here by other funeral homes. Here is the list Burial List

There are very few graves in this old African-American cemetery that are marked with a legible marker. I went out to the cemetery in March 2002 with Arnet Jefferson, age 87, the son of Mollie Jefferson, to see his mother and her family's graves. Below are a few of the photographs I was able to take. IF you have ancestors buried in this cemetery, please write me and give me their names, and birth and death information so I can post it here.

Jefferson, Thomas
b. July 1833
d. April 15, 1920

Jefferson, Julia Whitfield
b. December 1855
d. 1929-1930

Givens, Irma Whitfield,
b. July 20, 1938,
d. Aug. 7, 2004

Whitfield, Bessie Will
b. Nov 5, 1914
d. June 2, 1949 (John D's first wife)

Whitfield, John D.
b. Aug 29, 1906
d. Jan 26 1982

Bluitt, Laura
b. Oct 10, 1886
d. 1961 (Mother of Bessie Whitfield)

Jefferson, Mollie, daughter of Tom Jefferson and Julia Whitfield Jefferson
b. December 15, 1870 (Stone says 1872, but census says 1870)
d. May 13, 1968

Roberts,Ben, Sr., son of Jonas and Mary Roberts
b. March 15, 1901
d. Aug 25, 1994

Roberts, Lillian Jefferson , daughter of Mollie Jefferson
b. June 22, 1904
d. June 23, 1979

Johnson, Tom, husband of Chile Jefferson Johnson
b. Dec 25, 1882
d. Jan 6, 1969

Johnson, Julia (Chile)Jefferson , son of Tom Jefferson, sister of Mollie Jefferson
b. Sept 23, 1885
d. April 13, 1966

Jefferson, McKinley , son of Mollie Jefferson
Mississippi - Private 209 Quartermaster BN
World War II
b. March 2, 1898
d. Aug 28, 1961

Jefferson, Dora
b. Sept 7, 1919
d. May 22, 2001

Arnette Jefferson, husband of Dora Jefferson, 89, of Artesia died March 27, 2005, at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle. Services will be Sunday at noon at the Beulah Grove M.B. Church in Artesia with Rev. Roosevelt Harris officiating. Visitation will be Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. at Carter's Mortuary Services Chapel in West Point. Burial will be at the Beulah Grove M.B. Church Cemetery. Mr. Jefferson served on the Beulah Grove deacon board for 35 years and served in the U.S. Army during World War II. In addition to his parents Thomas and Mollie Jefferson, is preceded in death by wife Dora Jefferson; sisters Elvira Tolbert and Lillie Roberts; brothers William, McConnick, Luke and Luther Jefferson.

Randle, Clara B.
b. May 03, 1926
d. Oct. 10, 1959

Randle, Estella
b. Mar. 23, 1930
d. Oct. 09, 1997

Dickerson, Susie Lanier
b. July 6, 1894
d. March 5, 1968
Granddaughter of Willey and Lilly Seeward

Wheeler, Ary Lee daughter of DAVE RANDLE & IRENE SANDERS
b. July 22, 1913
d. March 1, 1989

Wheeler, Stacy, son of Jim and Maggie, sister of Alberta
b. June 17, 1911
d. October 8, 2001

Berry, James Edward
b. 1955
d. 1981

Berry, Sylvester
b. June 06, 1888
d. Sept. 20, 1972

Turner, Henry
(Could not read rest of tombstone due to vegetation growth)

Davidson, Mrs. Annie L.
Metal Funeral Home Marker
b. Oct. 13, 1972
d. July 12, 2004 (could be 2006)

McGee, Emily
b. May 07, 1914 (Social Security Death Index says 1915)
d. Sept. 15, 1989

McGee, Oscar
b. Dec. 22, 1906
d. Apr. 03, 1984

Dixon, Elnor, "Mother"
(could not read dates, had to take photo from far off due to mud in the cemetery)

Gibbs, Sam
US Army
b. 16 Feb 1919
d. 31 May 2001

Could not read due to mud

Unknown Grave, many more like this in the cemetery.

Broad Photo of a portion of the cemetery

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