This African American cemetery is located approximately 0.1 south of the intersection of Motley Road and ?????????.  The cemetery is no longer in use and is on the land owned by the Golden Triangle Regional Airport.  The airport has severely desecrated the cemetery with bulldozers. 


Information on burials provided by Bob Raymond.

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Sophronz Avery

Died 1886

Age 69 years


Mary M. Sanders

1867 1 Aug 1950


Fannie Moore

25 Dec 1902 19 Aug 1950


Parthenia Ellis

Died 24 Jan 1939

Age 90 yrs.


Willie J. Oden

US Army

Died 14 Oct 1967


Mary McGee

1908 7 Oct 1954


Clara Simpson

1898 30 Nov 1950


Ann Sanders

Died 1902


Cora Fenton

1896 6 May 1951


Louis Driver

1889 7 Feb 1939


Enoch Sylvester

no dates


Hattie Sylvester

no dates


Courteous Williams

no dates


Classie Williams

no dates


Lucy A. Morris

no dates


Louis Morris

no dates


Abe S. Patterson

no dates


Ann T. Patterson

no dates


Logan Petty

no dates


Fannie Petty

no dates


Robert Petty

no dates


Nora Petty

no dates


Lemon Taylor

no dates


Julia B. Taylor

no dates


Lemon Taylor Jr.

no dates


Don Fenton

no dates


Tom Ransom

no dates

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