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About 6 miles south of Maben MS. On Maben and Sturges RD.

Compiled By Edd Clardy Nov. 1998

At one time, this was Double Springs, Double Springs Baptist can be found 3 miles South of Clear Springs

Adair, James F,5/27/1859,10/4/1894,son of A P and M C Adair

Adair, Little Josephine,dau of N and E Josephine Adair

Adair, Maxie Wilborn,1/25/07,6/5/07,son of W M and Bettie Adair

Archer, E C,10/25/1897,SAME,INFANT

Archer, J W,10/25,1897,9/25/1898,

Arnold, Dora Cornelia,7/20/1872,10/9/50,Dora KIMBEL,Sp:of F R Arnold

Arnold, Elizabeth,7/18/1871,age/ 75,Consort of William Arnold

Arnold, Elizabeth Ellen,9/13/1870age,5,yrs.2,mos,2,dys. dau.of,WM&Mary A

Arnold, Ellen Pearl,1/9/1884,8/3/00,dau. of F W and M E Arnold

Arnold, F R,5/2/1890,1/24/35,

Arnold, Fred W,7/15/1861,9/29/22,Masonic Emb.

Arnold, Gallie E.,8/27/1865,2/12/1886,dau. of F M & S E aRNOLD

Arnold, Hilyard,1/20/1899,7/30/1899,son of F R and D C

Arnold, Laura Lee,2/6/03,10/11/11,dau. of F W and M E Arnold

Arnold, Marvin,7/8/05,8/27/05,son of F R and D C

Arnold, Mary A,3/3/1871

Arnold, Mattie E,11/11/1858,12/12/19,Sp: of F W Arnold

Arnold, Rube,9/16/14,6/13/80,Sp: Ila- Dbl. Tombstone

Arnold, Uninnie,4/29/1872

Arnold, Walter McMahon,9/29/29,2/8/909/29/26,2/8/90

Atkins, Hattie T,8/3/04

Atkins, Lee O,12/16/02,4/16/67,

Atkins, Margielene,3/26/25

Atkins, Martha Marion,???,???,

Atkinson, Edmond Browntre,11/20/19

Azwell, (INFANT),inf of M E and J B aZWELL

Azwell, (INFANT),7/27/1881,SAME,son of M E

Azwell, (INFANT),4/2/1892,SAME,son of B F and M J

Azwell, (Willie,2/28/1874,7/24/1875,son of S G and A M Azwell

Azwell, Annie Dosie,8/24/1886,6/18/1888,dau of J B and ME Azwell

Azwell, B F,7/10/1852,12/26/22,

Azwell, Beatrice,7/7/1892,4/9/36,

Azwell, Eli Oscar,8/10/1875,8/25/64,

Azwell, Gertrude,3/18/1882,9/27/68,

Azwell, Harrell,9/22/1855,11/27/01,

Azwell, Ida G,11/28/1880,2/2/1891,dau of B E and M J

Azwell, John b,8/19/1856,10/27/10,

Azwell, Martha J.HARRELL,2/29/1852,3/20/32,Sp: of B J Azwell

Azwell, Mary E,5/2/1859,2/14/41,

Azwell, Pernecy,4/1825,7/26/08,Sp: of Benjamine Azwell

Azwell, S G,2/10/1850,10/1/02,M. A Pridmore 12/17/1872

Bailey, James Grady,12/7/28,7/11/32,

Bayham, Coleen R.(Naron),4/1/1888,4/10/65,Sp: of Henry-N.side of cem:

Bayham, Henry Murff,4/11/1883,9/19/60,N. side of cem:

Baynham, C E,3/9/1839,12/5/1896,

Baynham, Earnest H,8/8/1879,3/30/53,

Baynham, Earnest H.,4/26/53,8/4/95,USArmy marker

Baynham, Homer B,8/8/01,1/15/19,

Baynham, John William,Sept.,???,son of G E and EJ

Baynham, Matilda Ann,10/14/1857,6/15/36,

Baynham, Neppie,8/25/1880,8/28/24,Sp: of R M Baynham

Baynham, Robert M,7/17/1878,1/18/19,

Bell, Lillie Ada,9/26/01,3/3/65,Sp: of Meek E. N. sIDE OF CEM:

Bell, Lillie Ada,9/26/01,3/3/65,Sp: of M E Bell

Bell. Meek E.,2/2/1896,4/16/79,Dbl. marker

Bennett, (INFANT),7/5/03dau of C W and Mrs. O E Bennett

Bennett, Burrell Ross,8/27/1884,11/5/24,Masonic Emb

Bennett, Iva Wain,6/16/01,6/2/08,

Bennett, J M,10/9/1853,4/7/10,

Bennett, Lou Ella,1866,1917,

Bennett, Ora Henry,1876,1945,

Bennett, Roma Odell,7/16/02,9/25/05,

Bennettt, S F,5/23/ 1861,1/15/00,Sp: of J M Bennett

Betts, Allie SHARP Mrs.,3/4/1870,12/21/56,

Betts, B P,8/14/1817,8/22/1890,

Betts, Druciler,1/11/1898,7/25/1898,

Betts, Edgar M ,12/21/1876,9/15/1877,

Betts, Edwin P,1917,197?,

Betts, Fannie Lou,2/24/1883,9/28/01,dau of E J and M A

Betts, Josie,11/15/1876,9/16/05,Sp: of W O Betts

Betts, Leona Burton,1879,1914,Sp: of Arthur Betts

Betts, Lyda Dewey,10/30/1898,1/1/1899,dau of W D and Josie

Betts, Martha A,5/2/1820,5/10/1890Sp: of B P Betts,

Betts, Marvin ,10/24/09,10/26/11,son of W O and M M Betts

Betts, R B,9/8/1876,4/20/34,

Betts, R Ben,9/8/1876,4/20/34,

Betts, W O,1/4/1874,3/4/14,

Betts, Walter J,2/15/1885,1/4/10,

Betts, Walter P,1916,1916,

Betts, Willie Lou,8/8/05,8/21/05,son of W O and Josie Betts

Bishop, Nannie Henry,4/16/1871,4/5/50,

Bland, Edna Pearl,8/9/04,10/17/04,dau. of C.E. & M. P. End Mkr. T W O

Blue, Perlina Norris,11/28/1882,2/16/24,a infant

Braton, l r,1/19/1886Age 78

Bright, Caleb L,April,6/9/1884,

Bright, E J,11/19/1866,1/16/34,

Bright, M S,12/22/1872,5/22/53,

Bright, Mirtle May,1/14/1886,2/22/00,dAU OF m s AND e j

Brooks, Grady,12/28/1898,9/1/19,

Brooks, James Hillard,4/9/1869,7/9/38,

Brooks, Mary Estelle,dau. of J H and Dora Brooks

Brough, Ann T,1831,1891,

Buckner, Lula M,3/16/1873,4/18/40,Sp: of John A Cousins

Bussell, Agnes Anna,7/28/1891,4/13/1893,dau of J W and R C L Bussell

Bussell, Wallace Judson,2/19/1896,7/10/1896,inf. son of J W and C Lee Bussell

Byars, Timothy Allen1972,inf.son of Mr.& Mrs.John Byars

Carden, John V.,9/1/15,10/14/90,Sp: Ruth dbl. tombstone

Carden, Thomas A,2/23/05,8/4/58,

Carden, Thomas A.,2/23/05,8/4/58,N. side of cem:

Carden, Willie Earl,7/22/67Age,20.yrs.,7,mos.28,days.

Carden, Ruth,12/13/23,2/15/80,

Cardene, James Martin,3/14/19,LIVING,Sp: Myrtle Lee-Dbl. tombstone

Cardene, Myrtle Lee,5/26/20,4/9/72,

Cassel, W A F,10/1/1823,9/12/1879,

Cecil, Belto N.,2/11/30,6/4/30,

Childers, John,3/30/1806,7/31/1882,

Childers, Mary,3/4/1804,1/6/1886,

Christopher, (INFANT),??,??,inf of T J and Alice Christopher

Christopher, Lida,5/17/1889,6/17/01,dau of T J and Alice

Christopher, Lona,6/2/08,4/13/13,

Christopher, Susan A,5/18/1875,1/10/13,

Clardy, Boyd Eugene,9/26/30,9/83,son of John Wm. & Jewell Clara CROWSON

Clardy, Clara Mae,9/9/27,11/6/27,dau of John Wm. & Jewell CROWSON

Clardy, Jewel CROWSON,3/20/09,9/28/46,# 1 Sp: of John W. A. Clardy

Clardy, John Wm. Arnold,8/8/26,11/6/27,son of John Wm.&Jewell Clara CROWSON

Clardy, John Wm.Andrew,1/21/03,1/8/89,son of Lem & Nealie WEEKS

Clardy, Norman Ronald,12/7/56,8/22/87,son of Boyd & Nell HARRIS

Clardy, Troy Eugene,4/12/77,2/24/82,son of Carl & Ruby N Roberson

Cobb, B L,Mattn, MS.

Cooper, Rachel M,8/15/1818,8/18/1883,

Cooper, Samuel Dr.,3/19/1877age,63,yrs,3,mos.

Copper, Henerietta P,9/15/1846,1/13/35,

Cotten (INFANT),9/9/08,SAME,inf of W M and B O N

Cotton, Jennien,8/11/04,9/22/04,dau of W M and B O N

Cousins, Andrew M,12/25/1896,6/20/01,son of J A and Lula Cousins

Cousins, FM ,12/18/1818,12/30/04,

Cousins,Lucy J,2/9/1851,8/3/01,Sp: of F M Cousins

Crowe, Arthur P,7/11/1860,9/12/1889,

Crowe, Nancy A,4/18/1819,2/8/1890,

Cummings, a j ,12/25/1827,1/10/02,

Cummings, Frances Jane,1848,1935,Sp of G E Baynham

Cummings, Hughie Pearl,12/14/1882,10/2/1884,dau of J M and P Cummings

Cummings, Martha Ann,12/22/1863,11/8/1867,dau of A J and M A

Cummings, Martha Ann,7/24/1831,10/4/1867,Age 36. yrs -8 mos.

Cummings, Mary E,2/2/1828,9/23/1878,Age-50-yrs 7-mos.

Cummins, (INFANT),7/4/1887,10/9/1887,inf. son of R B and M E Cummins

Cummins, Abraham,1/14/1861,1861,

Cummins, Jesse,8/11/1808,2/2/1888,

Cummins, Lewis,2/24/1890,3/22/1890,inf. son of R B and M E Cummins

Cummins, Martha A,3/10/1827,6/26/1867,Sp: of Jesse Cummins

Cummins, Tolula A ,9/21/1865,4/2/1865,

Daniel. J D,1/11/1844,6/13/1873,

Davis, Sallie,7/12/1855,4/21/37,

Davis, (INFANT),12/11/1873,12/14/1873,son of S ans S Davis

Davis, Elossie Louise,12/28/1887,1/28/68,

Davis, James Benjamine,3/12/1883,1/28/63,Dbl. marker.Sp: Elossie

Davis, James Benjamine,3/12/1883,1/28/66,

Davis, James H.,1860,1935,

Davis, Jesse M,12/25/1862,5/11/1888,

Davis, Lydia V.,1872,1940,

Davis, Martha C,2/15/1852,8/12/187?,dau of Samuel and Sallie Davis

Davis, Orbey,11/4/10,5/2/13,son of J C and Alice

Davis, Samuel,10/20/1844,2/16/1891,Masonic Emb.

Davis, W H,2/8/1875,11/28/1896,

Dewberry, Della A,9/20/1883,10/28/60,

Dewberry, Estell,3/4/08,10/12/08,

Dewberry, Henry E,3/25/1883,7/31/1885,

Dewberry, Jack C.,3/24/15,5/14/69,

Dewberry, John R,3/3/1872,1/14/40,

Dewberry, Lucy,10/24/1870,2/15/1871,

Dewberry, Melvin (Bill),2/22/24,2/8/94,

Dewberry, Monroe,2/16/11,9/12/16,

Dewberry, Paul D,11/25/1879,8/29/1881,

Douglas, ,A L,1868,7/20/1888

Douglas, Charles Harpole,6/6/26,12/13/83,

Douglas, Hugh Lee,5/31/19,6/2/19,

Douglas, J W, 3/17/1891Age,65,and 15 days

Douglas, Maria F,12/27/1885,Age 55,&8,mos.,Sp: of bJ W Douglas

Douglas, Maudine H,6/2/07,12/18/53,

Early, Eula M,5/14/1886,8/29/1886,dau of J B and MJ

Early, Julia Francis,6/21/1880,9/17/1880,

Early, Martha Emma,10/1/1877,4/19/1878,

Early, William J,6/14/188?,5/17/1889,

Easterwood, Edward,10/31/1845,12/4/1891,

Easterwood, John M,8/7/1847,8/25/16,

Eiland, Addie LANGFORD,5/8/1889,5/3/57,

Ellard, Addie (Langford),5/8/1889,5/3/57,N side of cem;

Ellard, John ,12/23/1896,2/7/71,N side of cem;

Ellard, William ,8/17/12,12/3/71,N.side of cem;

Ellis, Christine (Harpole),8/3/05,2/28/80,

Ferguson, M. E.,7/24/1855,4/19/1885,Sp: of C.C. Ferguson

Fielding, J W5/27/1873,Masonic Emb. age 48,yrs. 8, mos.15 d

Fielding, Jeff Davis7/28, 1862,age 1 yr. 7 mos. 2 days

Fielding, Rebecca,1/22/1873age 78 yrs. 15 days

Fisher, James A,10/22/1883,9/28/61,

Fisher, James A.,10/22/1883,9/28/61,N side of cem;

Fisher, Katie I,9/13/1897

Fisher, Katie I. ,9/13/1897,7/24/90,N side of cem;

Fondren, Gary W.(Punk),10/9/27Living in 1998

Fondren, Ola Belle,9/26/28,7/10/97,Sp: GARY-(pUNK)-n. SIDE OF CEM:

Ford Grover Edward,1/9/1883,10/14/63,Mississippi PFC.10 Casual Co.WW 1

Ford, Annie Mae,7/2/07,10/4/75,N. side of cem:

Ford, Charles J,1891,1952,

Ford, Dora R,5/28/1897,6/28/1871dau. of J M and S E Foird,

Ford, Grover E,1/9/1893,10/14/63,MS.,PFC.,10.,Casual Co.,W W TWO

Ford, J M,10/15/1861,3/6/18,

Ford, J. Shellie,3/2/05,0-0-0-,Sp; Annie Mae N. SIDE

Ford, Meldie F,10/6/1893,12/31/64,

Ford, Meldie F.,10/6/1893,12/31/64,

Ford, Rebecca (Lemmons),7/18/1891,4/25/73,Sp:William dbl marker-N. side cem:

Ford, Sarah Emma,11/13/1866,10/18/50,

Ford, Weldon,12/17/1899,7/14/21,

Ford, William Joseph,7/28/1887,10/7/80,N. side of cem:

Foster, Everett H. ,8/21/1898,2/13/71,

Foster, Rev. T L,9/23/1833,7,3/1906,

Freshour, Birce H,7/24/00,9/17/52,

Fulgham, ,2/27/1837,2/11/00,Sp: of M Fulgham

Fulgham, (INFANT),1/18/1892,AGE 4 MOS.,inf. of J R and M O Fulgham

Fulgham, (INFANT),??,??,Age 3, son of J T and SG

Fulgham, Andrew J,8/7/1874,10/14/1875,

Fulgham, Bessie Kate,9/2/15,LIVING,

Fulgham, Charlie C.,9/20/11,2/7/87,Sp: Bessie Kate-dbl. tombstone

Fulgham, Edna Louiceal,8/30/04,9/5/05,dau of R S and Effie

Fulgham, Eula May,1/215/1908,3/10/08,dau of W J and M J

Fulgham, Grady,11/2/1898,12/4/1899,son of W J and M J

Fulgham, H E,10/23/1884,8/25/1897,

Fulgham, H E ,2/6/1866,5/29/1899,Sp: of E M Fulgham

Fulgham, Ila Lavada,3/22/03,11/11/04,dau of J T and S G Fulgham

Fulgham, J R ,6/2/2060,yrs,6,mos.

Fulgham, J W,7/10/1835,7/16/1895,

Fulgham, James Boyd,6/22/13,9/4/16,son of A C & I B Fulgham

Fulgham, Jane E,5/25/1887,7/11/1888,dau of J T and S G

Fulgham, Jellpie,9/3/01,4/13/05,dau of M P and P M

Fulgham, Joe L,7/31/43,2/9/46,

Fulgham, John A,10/17/1872,6-YRS & 2.MOS,son of A W and M L Fulgham

Fulgham, John T,7/5/1858,3/8/26,

Fulgham, M J,10/11/1888,10/27/1888,son of W J and M J

Fulgham, M L,9/25/1843,7/10/40,

Fulgham, M V ,11/3/1887,11/20/1887,dau of W J and M J

Fulgham, M W,7/19/1824,12/29/1893,

Fulgham, Marvin M,3/28/1887,7/7/1887,

Fulgham, Mary F,1/19/1868,2/20/40,Sp: of JE Johnson

Fulgham, Mary Jane,1/6/1868,8/25/39,

Fulgham, Mattie W,7/19/1824,12/29/1893,

Fulgham, Mollie,1/1860,10/30/19,Sp: of J R Fulgham

Fulgham, Osy Venander,11/23/1895,6/18/57,

Fulgham, R F ,5/29/1886,12/29/1887,son of W J and MJ

Fulgham, W J,12/1/1884,9/20/1888,son of W J and M J

Fulgham, William Alec,5/22/1864,2/8/56,

Fulgham, William Jonathan,6/18/1861,4/12/41,Masonie Emb.

Fulgham/ Chelcy C,5/27/1893,9/10/1893,son of W J and M J

Fulhham, Sarah,121/22/1860,10/21/36,

Fuller, Sally Ann,2/4/47,12/17/55,

Fuller, Shirley Ann,2/4/47,12/17/56,

Garden, Matilda E,2/6/1878,1/26/55,

Grant, John W,2/3/1870,4/8/28,

Gray, Omelia,5/3/1858,8/5/26,Sp: of W O

Gray, Sarah A,11/5/1825,1/23.1893,

Gray, Thomas M Dr.,9/1/1879,10/12/18,

Gray, W O,4/4/1857,6/28/13,Masonic Emblem

Gregg, Harvie,11/11/1895,3/21/25,Vetern

Gregg, Mollie PHELPS,11/16/1869,4/8/41,Sp: of T R Gregg

Gregg, T R ,11/10/1869,8/22/29,

Gresham, Patrick Willie,5/9/68Age 61, yrs.

Griffin, Venie,1862,1933,

Grisham, Annie (Ford),9/16/06,0-0-0,Dbl Marker

Grisham, William Patrick,12/11/06,5//8/60,Sp: Annie Dbl. marker

Hamilton Wilma,10/12/16,10/21/91,N side of cem;

Hamilton, Elbert Lee,10/19/07,3/2/75,N side of cem;

Hamilton, Hugh Elliot,3/9/48,3/2/75,

Harpole (INFANT),12/9/07,1/11/08,dau. of J. B. & Vera Harpole

Harpole, (INFANT),10/28/187?,10/28/187?,dau, of W.C. & E. A. Harpole

Harpole, A J,12/6/1847,8/10/35,Conf. Army 1861--1865

Harpole, Aer Lou,11/3/1880,2/17/09,

Harpole, Dan,4/20/1880,9/27/62,

Harpole, Edna D.,12/24/1892,3/24/86,

Harpole, Eliz,3/7/1846,10/5/1889,Sp: of W. C. Harpole

Harpole, Glovina,8/3/1880,6/28/60,Sp: of Dan Harpole

Harpole, Grover Cleaveland,7/12/1884,5/9/1898,son of W C Harpole

Harpole, Idelle,10/21/1894,6/20/1925Sp: of J M Harpole,

Harpole, Luanna J.,1/27/1862,7/2/1891,# 1 Sp: of A J Harpole

Harpole, Martha HENRY,3/4/1866,3/25/50,Sp: of A J Harpole

Harpole, Mattie,1/20/1897,17,yrs,2,mo,dau of P B and Rachel

Harpole, Oscar C.,4/11/1880,10/10/1880,

Harpole, P B,7/22/1854,9/13/30,

Harpole, Rachel,3/28/1853,6/11/31,Sp: of P B

Harpole, Squire,1/13/1894,1/28/73,Sp: Edna D. Dbl. marker

Harpole, W C3/22/1886,age 76

Harpole, W. C.,3/11/1837,11/5/05,

Harpole, Walter Carboll,2/25/1887,12/7/1899,

Harpole, Wyman Belton Dr.,8/23/1879,5/7/49,

Harrell Jim Allen,7/5/1896,10/4/00,son of Jim and Maria Harrell

Harrell, Curtis F,3/6/00,5/29/00,son of Jim and Maria Harrell

Harrell, Frank Eldridge,7/29/1880,2/28/1881son of Joshiah and Mary Ellen,

Harrell, H. ,9/20/1806,6/9/1882,

Harrell, Hattie,12/22/1876,5,yrs,10,mos.,

Harrell, Joseph S,9/20/1854,2/23/1892,

Harrell, Mattie,11/16/1827,12/12/1886Sp: of H. Harell,

Harrell, Roxanna,6/11/1863,1/11/1898,dau.of M AND h. Harrell

Harrell, Sarah V. ,12/22/1850,9/3/1889,dau. of H. & Mattie Harrell

Harrell, Susan,1/8/1861,9/3/1889,dau. of H. & Mattie

Hawkins, Anna M,4/14/07,2/29/08,

Hawkins, Edgar Preston,11/8/1873,2/18/65,

Hawkins, Ervin E,2/17/09,5/19/09,

Hawkins, J F ,4/22/1840,6/16/1889,Rev.

Hawkins, Mary Ethel,3/21/02,2/26/84,

Hawkins, Shellie Elton,3/25/02,6/18/83,Married 9/19/1914-Sp: Mary

Hawkins, Viola MONTS,8/3/1877,1/271937,

Henderson, (INFANT),10/8/25,SAME,inf of W W and M M Henderson

Henderson, Asaleane,10/22/13,4/21/26,dau of W W and MM

Henry, Aubrey May,2/13/1893,8/27/00,DAU OF W Z and Mollie E

Henry, Ester (Pinnix),2/13/12,11/17/96,Sp: of Henry

Henry, Isham Boatner,6/1/1862,6/23/41,

Henry, J W,5/31/30,12/18/02,Masonic Emb.

Henry, James A,9/23/01,son of R L and Nora,

Henry, John Robert,2/18/24,2/20/24,son of Rob. &Neely Siffronia,Clardy

Henry, Mamie SHARP,6/16/1880,11/20/20,*most of the Henry fam.are together

Henry, Margarte R,11/23/1839,9/19/12,Sp: of J W Henry

Henry, Martha Luvenia ,3/29/1837,4/23/31,

Henry, Marvin Hunter,12/17/09,12/20/84,

Henry, Maudine (Lewis),9/18/18,LIVING,

Henry, Nora BUSH,3/17/1888,9/30/01,Sp: of R L Henry

Henry, Robert L,2/23/1872,6/23/52,

Henry, Thomas J,5/8/1879,4/19/11,

Henry, Wiley J,6/5/16,4/18/23,Sp:Maudine (Lewis)

Hickman, Nealie Suffornia Clardy,6/2/02,2/72,#1,Sp: Bob Henry,#2 Sp: Doc,Hickman

Hodge, Dora ,5/18/1889,5/14/69,Sp: Fred N. side of cem:

Hodge, Fred,2/4/1882,1/19/63,dbl. marker.Spouse Dora. N. side cem

Hodges, Fred,2/14/1882,1/19/63,

Hodges, Mrs. W A,1868age 58 yrs

Holland, Cassie (Lewis),2/16/14,1/1/89,

Holland, Tom Frank,8/19/05,1/31/73,N.side Sp; Cassie Lewis

Hussey, L. D. ,2/2/1861,10/13/1895,

Hussey, Millie Lore,6/17/1893,10/13/1895,Millies Spouse

Hussey-dau of LD &M F.,

INFANT,1/6/31,1/6/31,Inf son of Mr & Mrs. Joe Weeks

Jackson, Joseph,??,??,son of J H and Dora Brooks

Jerden, (INFANT),1/10/1833inf. dau of W J Jerdan

Jerden, (INFANT),4/20/1885,SAME,inf. dau. of W J and Nancy Jerden

Jessie Lee,3/29/16,3/18/76,Sp: of James

Johnson, A S ,1831,2/9/1881,

Johnson, C C,1864,1911,

Johnson, Eddie Monroe,4/14/1889,5/17/00,son of W E and M E

Johnson, F N,8/11/1861,8/28/1891,Sp: of C C Johnson

Johnson, Henry Thomas,12/17/1889,9/8/1890,

Jones, A B4/11/1885,age 20,&11,mos. and 7 days

Jones, Flora,1/13/06,11/18/39,

Jones, Francis Carline,2/28/1823,2/2/1895,Sp: of A B Jones

Keely, Oscar Elie,8/10/1875,8/25/64,N. side of cem:

Kelley, Emma Betty,9/14/08,6/25/37,

Kelley, Linda Faith,1/10/47,3/17/47,

Kellum, Armenda,7/20/1858,4/21/21,Sp: of J F Kellum

Kellum, J F,Co. h,31 MS. Inf. C S A

Kellum, James Franklin,7/1/1838,1/30/13,

Kelly, Emma Betty,9/14/08,6/25/57,N side of cem;

Kelly, Gertrude (Azwell),3/18/1882,9/27/68,Dbl. marker-sp: Oscar-N. side cem:

Kelly, Ida,12,17/1866,4/1/61,N side of cem;

Kelly, Ida,12/17/1866,4/1/61,

Kelly, Jamie L,3/13/27,2/15/68,

Kelly, Jamie L.,3/13/27,2/15/68,N side of cem;

Kelly, Josh Emmett,2/15/00,5/22/86,N. side of cen;

Kemp, S E,12/3/1824,4/26/03,

Kemp, Sarah R,4/27/1842,6/23/16,Sp: of Sterling Kemp

Kimbell, Frank,6/26/05,3/3/08,son of J B and L L

Kimbell, Ida L,4/14/1879,6/10/54,

Kimbell, J B,12/23/1875,6/8/50,

Kimbell. (infant),3/7/1886dau of R C and M A Kimbell

Lemmons, J. J.,3/10/1853,1/31/40,

Lemon, Samuel Zacariah,10/5/1891,8/21/1892,

Leverett, D W,7/11/1892,2/16/12,

Leverett, William P,6/3/1890

Lewis, Bell,1/26/1888,1/19/12,

Lewis, C. D.,7/15/08,3/16/77,USArmy Pvt. WW2

Lewis, John E,1/27/1861,1/10/10,

Lewis, Lou,6/9/1862,9/5/34,

Lewis, Milford Cress,5/20/12,7/22/14,

Lewis, Minnie Ola,9/13/1892,5/18/36,Sp: od W H Brooks

Lewis, Rev. Wiley ,1/28/1809,12/1/1887,Masonic Emblem

Lewis, Shelly L,12/10/1896,9/4/1899,son of J E and L M Lewis

Livingston, Lora Araugl6/4/1875,15 mos. and 15days old

Livingston, Martha ,8/2/1832,6/30/11,Sp: of W O Livingston

Livingston, William O,7/22/1823,2/8/1886,

Lock, Minnie,12/22/06,1/10/68,Mother

Locke, Minnie,12/22.06,1/10/68,North side of cemetery

Long, Joe Della,11/9/1878,8/16/59,Sp: of Harvy Nickels

Love, ??? Lee Nason,4/24/1883,2/4/68,

Love, Henry O,1838,3/24/24,Sgt. Co.H.,11th.Ala.,Inf.,c s a

Love, John D Franklin,11/1896,12/23/189?,

Love, Lancaster C.,12/4/22,8/5/77,

Love, Lizette,4/21/19,1/27/60,

Love, Lizette,4/21/19,1/27/60,

Love, Luther Lovelace,10/6/32,12/2/32,

Love, Mary Angelin,6/18/1895,1/3/1890,

Love, Willie,5/31/13,8/13/90,Sp: Lizette

Lummus, (INFANT) ,1917inf son of Mr. anf Mrs. R F Lummus

Lummus, Ada Elizabeth,12/23/1882,4/17/35,

Lummus, Robert E,9/18/1877,4/20/54,

Lummus, Y C8/10/66,AGE 61

McBribe, Porter,4/14/1898

McBride, (INFANT),4/16/22,SAME,son of B P and Ruby

McBride, Ruby Tuck,12/28/1893

McBryer, Mary Ella,8/5/1861,11/20/20,

McCorkle, William Haarvey,6/1/14,1/7/83,USNavy WW 2

McGowen, (INFANT),inf of Mr. And Mrs. Joe McGOWEN

McGowen, Emma Jane DAVIS,2/28/1849,3/15/33,

McGowen, Joe,2/20/1847,12/30/29,

McGowen, Mollie,5/13/1897,1/9/56,

McGowen, Nathan H,9/23/1886

McGowen, William M,11/14/14,11/24/15,son of G W and N L

McKewen, Edward LeRoy,4/1/23,4/7/23,son of Rufus O &Nannie L Nickels

McMullen, Anner,7/28/01,9/21/01,dau of Dr. R J and A E

McMullen, Lida,8/18/1895,9/5/1898,dau of Dr. R J & A E McMullen

McMullen, Mary,1/31/1860,3/22/1892,

McMullen, R U,11/1/1827,3/5/08,

McReynolds,11/3/1892inf. son of J. L. & Uninnie McReynolds

Morris, Dessie A,3/19/1891,9/29/60,

Monts, (Infant),3/25/16son of Mr and Mrs. J D Monts

Monts, Hilda Frances,9/8/1855,4/2/26,

Monts, Joihn A,1/28/1846,1/3/21,

Monts, Nora A,1/28/1886,11/17/65,

Mosley, Carol (Reed),1/11/37,Living 1988.dbl. marker. sp: James,

Mosley, James E.,3/21/33,3/3/84,N. sIDE OF CEM:

Mosley, James Earnest,3/21/33,3/3/84,USNavy marker

McMullen, Sallie,12/29/1899,5/3/00,dau of A E and B J

Nickels, Tessa H,1878,1951,

Nickels, Eckford Harvey,8/18/12,4/23/13,son of L H and Ada

Nickels, (INFANT),1935,1935,inf son of Mr. & Mrs. Alton Nickels

Nickels, (INFANT),3/6/01,3/910/01,dau of G H and Ada

Nickels, Ada SHURDEN,7/29/1877,6/14/58,

Nickels, Harvey,10/19/1873,7/2/38,Woodman of the World

Nickels, Harvey Roy,1943,1944,

Nickels, J Alton,1906,1962,

Nickels, KAENYARD (kIPPY),1/18/58,8/30/66,

Nickels, Lee H,3/27/1875,11/6/40,

Nickels, Lucy A,3/7/1848,9/14/21,sP: OF r. f. nICKELS

Nickels, Mary Agnes,6/1/28,SAME,

Nickels, R. F.,

Nickels, Rufus Lloyd,4/8/01,6/2/63,

Nickels, Rufus M,1876,1948,

Nickles, Elma,10/10/1899,5/3/46,

Nickles, Minnie (Reed),2/17/04,9/21/98,

Nickles, Rufus Lloyd,4/8/01,6/2/63,Sp: Minnie dbl Tomstone

Noreris, Esther E,9/13/1884,7/21/1885,son of J M and M J

Norris Rosey L,2/6/1891,3/23/1891,dau. of J M and M J Norris

Norris, D W,12/2/1881,1/18/35,

Norris, (INFANT),inf. son of A B AND m k Norris

Norris, C E,7/12/1862,9/8/1882,m: 9/8/1882-Sp: of E J Norris

Norris, Clarence Rainey,11/16/1888,8/17/1889,son of C P and L E Norris

Norris, Cornelius P,1856,1931,

Norris, Ester E ,9/12/1884,6/20/1885,

Norris, Lula E,1860,1947,

Norris, Marshall,11/18/1820,3/17/1886,

Norris, Mary Ann,5/21/1811,5/3/1895,Sp: of Thomas Norris

Norris, Matilda,5/15/1821,12/28/06,Sp: of Marshall Norris

Norris, Mrs. J M,3/13/1826,3/27/1881,Sp: of W T

Norris, Peralina L,1/17//1889,7/13/1890dau. of J M aND M J Norris,

Norris, S A,12/1/1834,4/14/1886,

Norris, Thomas,12/26/1813,5/21/1877,

Norris, Thomas M,10/31/1852,12/23/1854,

Norris, Thomas T,5/7/1858,2/16/1877,

Norris, W T,10/10/??,6/29/1883,Age 64,yrs and 8 mos.

O'Brian, Mary,3/12/1852,2/14/38,

O'Bannon, (INFANT),1921,1921,inf son of Winter &Dave

O'Brian S E,11/16/1707,7/24/56,

O'Brian, Minnie ARNOLD,11/7/1886,6/3/27,Sp: of B F O'Brian

O'Brian, (INFANT),6/30/05,6/15/06,inf of B F and Minnie

O'Brian, Arnold Lee,3/10/11,12/24/47,

O'Brian, B F,12/1/1872,10/25/45,

O'Brian, Dink C.,2/9/1875,3/21/52,

O'Brian, Edward Homer,9/8/03,9/17/63,Masonic Emblem

O'Brian, Edward Johnson,8/9/33,8/8/34,Son of Mr.&Mrs. E. H. O'Brian

O'Brian, Eva Lorene,11/17/25,6/27/63,

O'Brian, Frances R,1/22/1875,1/12/37,

O'Brian, General M,1/15/1875,2/2/45,

O'Brian, Ila ,9/23/1894,3/1/1894dau. of J M and S E O'Brian,

O'Brian, James9/2/1856,son of J. E. & Emoline Vaughn 2,yrs.5,mos,5,days

O'Brian, Madge C.,12/24/11

O'Brian, Malinda ,3/3/1831,6/9/06,Sp: of John O'Brian

O'Brian, Oner,9/12/1890,10/3/1895,dau. of S. & Martha O'Brian

O'Brian, Wylie A.,10/21/1888,4/16/20,Sp: of D. C. O'Brian

O'Brien, Annie Mae,3/4/09,8/15/91,

O'Brien, Deborah Gorge,2/2/60,6/22/71,Dau. of Rev.S. E.

O'Brien, Dessie Loise,10/13/33,6/23/71,Mother of Debrorah

O'Brien, S. E.,11/16/1707,7/24/56,

O'Brien, Velma (O'Brien(,7181912,1/20/94,

Oswalt (INFANT),11/2/06,1/27/07,inf of Lora Lou Oswalt

Oswalt, (INFANT),10/13/25,6/9/26,son of Mr and Mrs. Lester Oswalt

Oswalt, Harford,1921,1990,N. side of cem:

Oswalt, Helen . ,1925,1962,N. side of cem:

Oswalt, Helen L,1925,1962,

Oswalt, Homer,7/19/1897,7/10/1899,son of Lee and Alice

Oswalt, Jimmie,11/3/34,7/19/37,son of Johnnie E and Leona E

Oswalt, John Hays,7/4/1881,12/1/42,Sp: Emma (Regan)

Oswalt, John Hays,7/4/1881,12/1/43,

Oswalt, Johnnie R,8/20/00,10/19/45,

Oswalt, Johnnie R.,8/20/00,10/19/45,Sp: Leona E/-DBL. MARKER

Oswalt, Lee Oliver,11/30/1873,11/8/39,

Oswalt, Lou Alice,12/22/1878,10/14/50,

Oswalt, M B,8/30/1846,3/2/17,

Oswalt, Mabel,3/30/1879,11/27/04,dau. of M B and M N

Oswalt, Nannie Sealey,2/11/1845,5/5/39,Sp: of M B Oswalt

Oswalt, Vessie Lee,6/6/??,10/27/1896,son of Lee AND aLICE

Oswalt, Wessey,11/21/1883,11/26/1889,son of M B and M N

Parrish, W W,7/24/1888,7/20/1890,

Patridge, Eddie1952,Marker not plain-End mkr. T W O

Peeples, Lucy Caroline,8/23/1833,3/15/1897,

Pellum, Charlie H,9/30/1879,12/14/1896,son of W M and N M

Pellum, Emmit,11/26/19012,1/10/08,

Pellum, Nancy M.,12/27/1858,2/3/1892,Sp: of W. M. Pellum

Pellum, Wm.,1/10/1849,12/1/07,

Pennix, Jim & Kin,12/9/63,same,2 infants of T L and Ann Pinnix

Petty, Augustus,3/18/1832,1/2/1895,

Petty, H G,3/12/1873,10/25/00,

Petty, Hays,5/3/1877,6/26/16,

Petty, Sallie,3/18/1842,10/28/14,

Pierce, Cleburn,10/18.1886,1/22/61,

Pierce, Edgar,1/1/1880,7/24/51,

Pierce, Gulmer J,4/26/1888,6/9/55,

Pierce, Irene QUINN,6/7/1894,6/12/49,

Pierce, James t,4/13/1853,2/22/15,

Pierce, Martha,2/23/1873,4/17/58,

Pierce, Moonie R,5/29/1885,4/29/1897,

Pierce, Olive Nelson,10/6/08

Pierce, Pearle M.,10/11/20,8/24/93,

Pierce, Roger Dale,9/29/52,7/30/61,

Pierce, T. J.,6/17/07,3/2/88,Sp; Pearl

Pilkerton, C. L.,6/13/13,8/18/81,Wife Stella-N.side of cem:

Pilkerton, Calvin Lane,5/22/45,11/14/96,N. side of cem:

Pilkerton, Stella Mae,8/9/12Liv;1998. dbl. marker.

Pilkington, Thomas Daniel,7/5/98,7/5/98,Infant

Pope, L J,10/15/1840,3/13/07,Sp: of W T Pope

Price, Eva M.,5/27/06,2/22/83,N. sIDE OF CEM:

Quinn, Fannie,7/22/1887,10/3/60,

Quinn, H A,10/4/1872,1/23/1891,son of W T and R J

Quinn, Walter,3/21/1876,10/24/34,

Rainey, Willie,1/1/1894,4/4/ 1894,son of H H and E J Turner

Ramsey, Fanny,7161819,3/29/1883,Sp: of L P Ramsey

Ramsey, L P,5/28/1806,5/28/1884,Masonic Emb.

Ramsey, Wiley,11/30/1886,7/22/1888,son of S L P and L M Ramsey

Randall, Auston,6/3/1876,son of J D and M D Randall,

Randall, Callie D,1/28/1893,Ade 59 ,dau. of Wm and Dicy Randall

Randall, Elmo Davis,11/10/1889,7/30/1893,

Randall, Grady M,9/7/1895,8/15/1897,son of T C and M A Randall

Randall, J M,1842,5/13/02,

Randall, John D,7/20/1840,3/15/1889,

Randall, Mahala,3/12/1850,7/6/11,Sp: of J D Randall

Randall, Pansy C,2/15/1888,8/8/1893,dau, of Dr. T C and M A Randall

Randall, Rogandria P H,9/16/1849,8/2/04,Sp: of J M Randall

Randle, Dicy,1/10/1811,4/22/1888,Sp: of Wm. Randle nee McReynolds

Reed, (INFANT),3/1/1878,3/9/1878,INF. DAU. OF w m and Lemar Reed

Reed, Annie Bell,4/5/11,3/14/12,dau. of S A and M A Reed

Reed, Bema Loyd,7/6/15,12/20/1937,

Reed, Charlie F.,4/27/1894,5/24/13,N.side of cem;

Reed, Georgia Ann,11/18/1866,11/22/08,Sp: of H E Reed

Reed, Grover Vardaman,1910,1977,Pvt.USArmy WW TWO

Reed, Hazel (Quinn),10/12/08sp:Rufus

Reed, Henretta P.,8/20/01,11/11/83,N. side of cem;

Reed, Ira ,11/11/1886,12/27/49,Sp: of Tom Reed

Reed, Jesse ,1/25/1791,1/15/1872,

Reed, Joe B,3/12/1854,7/8/35,

Reed, Joe Ed,11/14/31,3/20/88,Cpl. USArmy Korea

Reed, Joseph Tandy,1/27/1868,11/25/44,

Reed, Lessie,11261894,1/11/1895,

Reed, Malinda C,10/27/1799,10/10/1880,

Reed, Martha C,11/7/1881,4/9/1885,

Reed, Mary F,3/27/1890,2/11/1891,dau. of S A and M A REED

Reed, Melody ,4/22/09,same,

Reed, N T,7/9/1845,9/20/10,Sp: of W A Reed

Reed, Neely Andrew,2/24/21Living 1998

Reed, Nelson A,6/14/1888,6/27/18889,son of A and M A Reed

Reed, Nora Lee,9/25/1898,12/20/1898,

Reed, Nora Lee,9/25/1898,1898,

Reed, O Grady,1/2/00,1/10/35,

Reed, Rufus,12/16/1899,3/16/00,

Reed, Rufus ,12/16/1899,3/16/00,

Reed, Rufus Alton ,8/7/05,10/28/73,N. side of cem:

Reed, Suzanna R,1/11/1844,1/9/1872,

Reed, Tandy T,1913,1940,

Reed, Tom S,4/23/1881,12/13/43,

Reed, Vellar (Fulgham),6/9/1881,1/1 59,Sp: pinky-N side of cem:

Reed, Vellar FULGHAM,6/9/1881,1/1/59,

Reed, Velma (Jackson),12/3/21,10/7/71,Sp: Velma Jackson-N. side of cem:

Reed, W N,5/7/1840,4/22/1896,

Reed, William (Pinky),4/20/1878,1/21/65,N side of cem:

Reed, William A,8/20/1899,10/26/56,

Reed, William Franklin,6/28/02,4/17/52,

Reed, William Pinkey,4/20/1878,1/21/65,

Reed, Wm A,5/10/1848,7/28/1889,

Richardson, Ellen,

Richardson, Mrs. A O,12/16/1821,7/18/1897,

Ricks, Elen V.,11/14/1893,11/20/73,N. side of cem.

Ricks, Virginia Lee,7/17/16dau. of Dr. and Mrs. F L Ricks

Roberts, Minnie Pearl,8/2/1873,8/27/1881,dau. of A C and M E Roberts

Rose, (INFANT),9/6/48inf. of Mr. and Mrs. P. N. rOSE

Rushin, William M11/30/37,Pvt. 46 Al. Inf. C S A

Rushing, Benjamine S,10/20/1861,9/11/1882,

Rushing, Clarence M.,3/26/25,5/21/91,

Rushing, Clarence Plower10/8/63,age 67

Rushing, Dora L,2/22/1878,8/11/1882,

Rushing, Ella Elise,12/15/06,10/6/66,

Rushing, Ethel,8/7/04,2/5/77,

Rushing, John ,3/4/03,1/8/73,Spouse Nellie

Rushing, John W,3/14/03

Rushing, Lance Allen,11/4/87INFANT

Rushing, Nellie F. ,8/15/07,1/30/64,Spouse John

Rushing, Nellie F.Freshour,8/15/07,1/30/64,

Rushing, Odell,12/23/36,11/30/43,

Rushing, Odie Lee,11/26/32,11/30/43,

Rushing, Ophelia Lee REED,8/19/05,5/19/55,

Rushing, Sarah LEWIS,4/14/1869,2/27/50,Sp: of William M Rushing

Rushing, Shelly Arlie,8/27/06,10/27/82,Sp: Ella Elise dbl marker

Rushing, Thomas,1/19/57,3/25/63,

Rushing, Thomas R,1957,1963,

Rushing, Tom ,5/18/1894,2/5/72,Sp: Ethel dbl tombstone

Seawright, Andy Garfield,6/3/1881,6/3/63,N side of cem;

Seawright, Andy Garfield,6/3/1881,6/8/63,

Seawright, Brice A./,6/1/34,4/27/91,N side of cem;

Seawright, Carl H,12/19/11,5/22/66,

Seawright, Carl, H.,12/19/11,5/22/66,N side of cem;

Seawright, Doris James,8/2/32,2/23/76,N side of cem;

Seawright, Ethel Lee,7/26/15,11/30/78,N side of cem.

Seawright, Forest C,8/31/05,2/17/28,son of T A and Krites Seawright

Seawright, Issac Newton,6/21/1845,7/13/1887,

Seawright, Kirties,3/1/1884

Seawright, Mary NORRIS,1/5/1850,2/11/01,

Seawright, Massie,7/11/1886,1/21/04,

Seawright, Mera,3/26/1878,10/7/1889,

Seawright, Myrtis R. ,9/9/41spouse Brice-double marker

Seawright, Oliva (Azwell),2/4.1884,11/28/97,Spouse Andy Dbl.Marker

Seawright, Tom,4/15/1884,5/3/55,

Seawright, Tom,4/5/1884,5/3/55,

Seawright, Travis,5/20/34,12/21/75,N side of cem;

Seay, Cherilynn W.,2/4.52,11/8/80,N. Side of cem;

Shaffer, Elizabeth M,5/31/1839,2/28/1882,

Shaw, Susan ,11/8/1830,11/2/1888,

Sherman, Elijah,7/3/1826,8/16/1892,Masonic Emb

Shuffield Jane,5/25/1814,4/9/1880,Sp: of Isam Shuffield

Shuffield, Anna Jane,3/2/1879,8/9/1891,

Shuffield, Daisy M,3/23/1891,9/6/1891,dau. of H E aND E J

Shuffield, Emma CRAMER,1854,1935,Sp: of Henry Erwin Shuffield

Shuffield, Isam,4/10/1807,9/26/1890,

Shuffield, J W,10/7/1869,121/22/17,

Shuffield, L E,12/28/1846,7/20/01,

Shuffield, Mary,5/23/1874,9/3/1891,

Shuffield, Mary Jane,7,18/1848,3/12/16,Sp: of P A Shuffield

Shuffield, Mrs, Viola2/4/67,Age,86,11,26,Viola was a Underwood

Shuffield, R A,12/11/1840,8/14/1899,

Shuffield, T M,8/10/1877,8/28/17,

Shuffield, William,2/14/1878,1/28/07,

Shurden, Armanda,11/29/1848,5/15/1908,Sp: of John Shurden

Shurden, J E,5/20/1845,5/24/00,

Shurden, J R,7/30/1868,4/22/1896,

Stallings, (INFANT),2/10/09son of Dora and T J Stallings

Stallings, Ada Lorene,1/20/15,7/5/81,

Stallings, James Tuner,1/24/10,2/3/84,SP: ada

Stallings, T J,5/24/32,12/21/32,

Sudduth, Diller E,2/25/1874,6/16/1898,Sp: of B F Sudduth

Swindall, Jesse Lee,3/22/35,3/24/66,

Templeton1876,Ms. Inf. C S A

Templeton, Annie Ruby,9/15/1894,1/30/84,Sp: Raymond-Dbl. marker. N. side

Templeton, Raymond Sylvester,9/29/1898,2/17/61,N. side of cem:

Templeton, Raymond Sylvester,9/29/1898,2/17/61,

Tenhet, Arthur Allen,12/12/19,3/20/62,USArmy WW 2-mother Maruy Ann Clardy

Tenhet, Mary Ann CLARDY,1/3/00,11/67,dau of Lem & Nealie WEEKS

Tennett, Mary Mindy Mrs.,11/11/67age 67

Thompson , Omega BAYNHAM,3/24/1874,9/21/54,

Thompson M M,4/19/1897,6/20/1897,age 2 mos.

Thompson, (INFANT),12/18/23,SAME,son of B A and Ella

Thompson, (INFANT),8/7/11,SAME,dau. of W F and O M Thompson

Thompson, Clara A,6/10/1876,6/4/53,

Thompson, EUslya (Watkins),6/29/14,3/4/95,

Thompson, Fanny Ardonier,4/19/1897,6/20/1897,inf of G C and M M

Thompson, George C,1/25/1843,3/13/32,

Thompson, George Erskin,4/14/1888,1/26/59,

Thompson, George Ruphert,11/28/08,9/1/80,E Uslyn Watkins

Thompson, Guss U,9/19/1872,12/9/55,

Thompson, Hester E,9/29/1890,10/28/55,

Thompson, J G,8/7/18,7/1/17,son of W T and E E

Thompson, James Alton,1/14/24,2/4/26,son of BA and Ella

Thompson, Landon R,9/30/1821,5/22/1876,MS. PVT. CO.C.35th. Regt.Inf. CSA

Thompson, M M Mrs.,11/11/1853,6/10/12,Sp: of G C Thompson

Thompson, Thomas W,7/17/1885,5/9/56,

Thompson, William F,12/4/1869,11/12/40,

Thompson, Willie Lee,5/6/14,2/19/195?,son of W T and H E

Tomelson, Charles H,??? ,???,son of M R and P M Earth Tomelosn

Tomlinson, Mary F,8/22/1894,6/4/28,

Tuck, ,11/9/14,5/14/24,son,of,Allie Tuck NASON

Tuck, Arthur W,1/11/1889,9/4/52,

Tuck, Billie P,3/11.17,6/10/63,

Tuck, Billie P,3/11/17,6/10/63,

Tuck, Ergie BISHOP ,3/1/1892,9/2/62,

Tuck, Gaston B.,7/28/?,10/6/84,

Tuck, Grady,11/21/21,2/11/76,Was a US Mail Carrier

Tuck, Ina F.,8/12/16,0-0-0,

Tuck, J J,10/18/1890,11/5/39,

Tuck, Johnnie Earl ,10/4/17,1/24/18,son of J J and Fannie Tuck

Tuck, Johnnie Gaston,2/10/1871,10/28/40,Sp: of W C Tuck

Tuck, Lula,7/10/1892,12/27/1895,

Tuck, Mae (Burchfield),5/7/23,8/29/83,

Tuck, Nettie CLARDY,1/29/1867,1/12/1893,Father Samuel Clardy

Tuck, Thomas L.,9/19/14,11/25/84,Sp: Ina F.

Tuck, W C12/25/27,AGE 67

Tuner, Charles David1978,USArmy PVT.

Tuner, Mary Katherine,9/29/30,2/24/95,Mary JONES

Turner, A F,11/6/1860/1/27/1923

Turner, Clell Thomas,2/6/13,11/8/1990Sp: Lois O'Brien,

Turner, Georgia,10/4/1892,10/19/1892son of H H and E J Turner,

Turner, H H,10/3/1850,4/6/28,

Turner, H M,8/1/06,4/25/62,

Turner, Hayward W,8/1/07,4/25/62,W W 2. MS. s i-U.S. n. p,

Turner, J. Y.,5/19/02,8/19/84,

Turner, Jannie,11/1/1866,12/17/25,Sp: of H H Turner

Turner, Jeneva L.,1/25/07lIVING 1998

Turner, Laura R,12/1/00,8/12/01,dau of H H and Janie Turner

Turner, Lewis,7/21/1835,1/4/10,

Turner, M A ,1/13/1885,9/17/1891,dau of H H and E J Turner.

Turner, Marvil,3/6/1895,3/29/1895,dau of H H and E J Turner

Turner, Minnie GREGG,2/6/04,5/12/29,

Turner, Odie,12/20/07,2/16/1908son of M W and Tommie Turner,

Turner, Ola,6/18/1886,2/12/05,dau. of H H and E J Turner

Vail, Allie PIERCE,2/5/1884,8/7/23,

Vail, Richard Lawrence ,12/5/1880,6/8/35,

Vail, Veda,6/17/03,8/28/20,

Vaughn, G. Estel,8/2/07,11/11/89,N. side of cem;

Vaughn, J Rob,12/6/1884,8/26/40,

Vaughn, J Rob,12/6/1884,8/26/40,

Vaughn, James S.Urbean,Age,2,2,mos,9/2/1865,son of J F and Emoline

Vaughn, Joel E,4/11/1830,5/24/09,

Vaughn, Lyda Emoline,2/19/1834,7/14/06,

Vaughn, Mavis,1908,1923,

Vaughn, Zeffie S.,5/11/09,9/13/71,Double marker. Spouse G. Estel

Wallace, ,1/13/18,5/13/20,Ch: of J R & Altha-G-E-Edwards

Ward, James Ed8/16/1870,son of JE & Emoline Vaughn,age 3,yr

Watkins, Sallie,1/25/1898,2/7/1898,

Watson, J Murray,11/11/1875,8/8/43,

Weaver, ,4/22/52,4/22/52,Baby Boy

Weaver, Hassie (Reed),3/27/06,3/19/87,

Weaver, John Ethel,8/13/1889,2/5/56,MS. PFC.Co.B,114,Inf.W W One

Weeks, C F,5/7/19,5/30/40,son of Lum and Lillie SHARP

White, Lola Lee,6/19/00,2/27/74,Double marker

White, Walter Frank,1927,1987,WW/Two US NAVY

Williams, J C6/25/1890,AGE 65

Williams, Josephine,10/20/30,10/16/31,

Williams, Laura D,9/11/10,1/209/33,

Williams, Lou,5/24/1871,2/25/43,

Williams, Nancy,2/6/1828,8/19/02,Sp: of J H Williams

Williams, Walter Lee,7/10/1889

Williams, Willie ,8/30/20son of D D and E L Williams

Williamson, Robert Jackson3/1/1892,CO.K. 35th. MS. Regt. C. S. A

Winfred, Williams ,4/27/23,1/11/59,N side of cem;

Wood ( INFANT),11/24/188?

Wood, Callie4/28/1866,age.,14.,yrs.,4.,mos.,26.,days

Wood, Claudius,2/212/1852,2/25/1884,

Wood, Mary Lee,1/19/1899,7/21/1899,dau. of C L and C D Wood

Wood, Robert D3/5/1869,age.,21.,yrs.,6.,mos.,16.,days

Wood, Sarah Felicia,12/5/1844,2/12/34,Sp: of F M Arnold

Wood, Wellington Sr.,7/13/1819,6/28/1881 ,61 YRS

Wood, Zeny9/4/1858,age 2,yrs.6.,mos.,19.,days

Young, Annie Lee,9/13/37,0-0-0-,living in 1998

Young, Joe Bob,1/20/19,11/4/87,Sp: Annie Lee

Young, John Elton,1/11/24,8/15/28,

Young, Loyd,2/22/16,8/1/92,

Young, Mary Chesline,10/30/22,4/9/83,

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