This is a white cemetery containing the graves of the builder of the antebellum home Liberty Hall (1832) and his descendants.  The cemetery is located on the grounds of this home on private property off of Armstrong Road near New Hope.


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William E. Ervin Sr.

died 1844


Sarah Erving

Wife of William E. Ervin

no dates


Mary H. Ervin

Sister of William E. Ervin Sr.

died 15 October 1836


William E. Ervin Jr.

1820 - 1836


Eliza Ervin

died 1844


David L. Morrow

died 1848


Sarah Ann Ervin Morrow

died 1853


Rev. John W. Morrow



David Wilson

died 1879


Infant Gibson

no dates


Francis H. Ervin

23 December 1836 – 19 November 1908

Physician, CSA


Mary E. Anderson Ervin

19 January 1842 – 1 November 1924


Frances Ervin

24 February 1873 – 24 July 1898


Robert Ervin

no dates


Charles D. Griffin



Lady Mary Armstrong Griffin



Caro Ervin Armstrong

17 March 1893 – 8 May 1990


W. S. “Monk” Fowler


World War II

10 January 1929 – 27 July 1990


King of the Sub Killers*


Sarah Frances Fowler Hazard

6 February 1951 – 25 February 2000



Also buried in this cemetery is “Little Dipper,” an English Terrier who was the first mascot of the University of Tennessee football team who flew with his master in World War II and logged 117 hours of flight time.



*  W. S. “Monk” Fowler was a pilot during the Second World War who sank three German U-Boats, earning him the nickname “King of the Sub Killers.” He earned a Russian medal for his bravery against the U-Boats. 



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