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This inactive cemetery is located in East Lowndes Co, MS off Hwy 182 (old US82) and old New Hope Road. DIRECTIONS- Go 7 miles East from Columbus on Hwy 182 then turn South on old New Hope road and drive about ¾ mile. Cemetery in woods 100 ft. west of road. The Church and cemetery were organized in 1847 when ¾ acre was given by George Nash and one acre given by George Hackleman to Lebanon Church Trustees Joseph Ellis and Charles Hodges by Deeds dated April 14, 1847 as recorded in Lowndes Co, MS Courthouse. Another deed to Lebanon Church for one acre was passed in Deed from Lauria West to W.A. Gibson on November 12, 1887 and noted that this acre passed from W.W. Pool. Reference Deed Book 62, page 547 as recorded in Lowndes Co, MS courthouse. Information from descendants of persons buried in Cemetery and a handwritten listing from Lowndes Co, MS library of those buried in the cemetery indicate that the Church burned many years ago. Apparently the land reverted back to private owners when the Church disbanded.

Known Burials in Cemetery as transcribed from tombstones:

Eliza Beth, Consort of Samuel W. Willford and daughter of H. and E. Hendricks. Born January 1, 1788. Departed this life March 22, 1811.

W.W. Pool: Born 11/16/1801 and died 10/10/1885

Mary A. Pool: Born 6/8/1808, married 11/24/1824 and died 10/24/1882

Charles A. Hodges: Born 11/19/1811 and died 3/4/1863

Martha H., wife of Charles A. Hodges: Born 3/15/1814 and died 11/22/1885

Ephrasia Ann Hodges: Born 10/4/1846 and died 12/1/1875

Georgia Ann Hodges: Born 7/17/1849 and died 10/23/1861

Eliza F.N., wife of R.S. Griffin: Born 10/1/1838 and died 9/21/1891

James M. Shackelford: Co F, 2nd Mississippi Infantry, CSA (no dates)

Martha Catherine Phillips Shackelford: Born 1/2/1860 and died 8/24/1895

Mary Jane Price: Born 8/7/1849, married Nathan E. Daughety 8/27/1867 and died 5/17/1913

Alice Levada Franks, Wife of Samuel Moore Franks and Daughter of Nathan and Mary Jane Daughety: Born September 20, 1873, Married December 25, 1898 and Died March 19, 1929

Mary E. Wallace, Daughter of Nathan and Mary Jane Daughety, wife of Albert Clayton and (2) W.W. Wallace: Born March 22, 1876 and died March 7, 1910 “ Cherished by Rufus Clayton”

Josephine Bobo, Wife of R.T. ?

Sarah H. Bobo, wife of J.M. Bobo: Born 1820 and died July 16, 1890

Mary S. Camp: Born February 1842 and died February 1862

John R. Walker: Born February 22, 1885 and died December 18, 1885

Mollie McCarty, wife of W.T. McCarty: Born November 1868 and died July 1888


NOTE: Family history as per eyewitnesses L.C. Daughety, V. Daughety, and Gerald Nathan Franks, grandsons, and as told to this writer and other great-grandchildren , Nathan Earl Daughety, born Nov 1 1835 and died Feb 21, 1923, is buried beside his wife Mary Jane Price Daughety. Nathan's grave is marked by two steel post placed at each end by Gerald N, Franks who also erected a fence around the family plot.

Harold Daughety
August 16, 2003