Brownlee Family Cemetery

Located on Pickensville Road (Hwy. 69) at Golding Road near New Hope, Lowndes Co., MS
Mississippi State Historical Landmark located at cemetery has the following inscription.

Brownlee Family Cemetery - 1825
Estab. in 1825 on the corner of a 1400 acre plantation owned by
James Brownlee Sr. and his wife Mary. Three brothers who lost their
lives in the service of the Confederate States of America lie buried here.
Miss. Dept. of Archives and History 1977

James B. Brownlee
Born 8/1/1831
Died 6/28/1862

John R. Brownlee
Died 4/24/1862
Aged 21 years, 11 months

Anna B. Brownlee
Died 3/8/1862
17 years 5 months 14 days old

James Brownlee
Died 8/14/1853
48 years 4 months old

James Brownlee
Died 5/19/1825
50 years old

Mary Brownlee
Died 6/12/1832
52 years old

Mrs. Sally Davis
Consort of Nimrod Davis
Died 8/12/1844
44 years old

Col. Nimrod Davis
Died 1/12/1862
63 years old

Eveline A. Brownlee
Died 4/3/1840
21 years 4 months old

Aged 8 months

Mary Ann
Wife of Lewis Green
Born 7/16/1824
Died 7/1/1840

2 months old

David F. Brownlee
could not read the rest

Rebecca A. Lacey
Wife of Samuel W. Lacey
Died 12/31/1851

Son of
SW & RA Lacey
Drusilla E. Taggart
Born 12/26/1818
Died 1/22/1851

Alexander Brownlee
Born 5/19/1807
Died 2/25/1886

Age 1 year
Mary Taggart
Died 7/25/1858

Emma Brown
Born 1837
Died 11/18/1906

Also in this cemetery were seven small markers made of cement and it appears that the names were written in the wet cement.

David Norris

Emmely Davis Norris

Lieut. George Norris

James Norris

John Norris

Joseph Norris
Age 2 Yrs.

Mary Norris

Also in this cemetery, there was another marker, I am not sure if it is a grave or memorial. It is a large stone with a metal plaque attached. The inscription on the plaque is listed below as it appears.
Samuel A. Edmonson
Born Camden S.C. 1794
Died Lowndes Co., Miss. 1869

He won fame and the gratitude of our forefathers by his daring ride from Ft. Stephens to Nashville, Tenn. To procure General Jackson’s aid against the Creek Indians.

This tablet presented by Berard Romans Chapter D.A.R. Columbus, Miss. 1926

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