from the Booklet entitled "Cemetery Record, Mayhew Mississippi",
compiled by Ellen Drane Mauldin, November 1991, Revised January 1992,
Revised June 1995, Revised December 2000,
and submitted to the Lowndes County Genealogy Website at
All Rights Reserved.

Approximately one mile south of old U.S. Highway 82 on a gravel road and immediately north of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad tracks. The county road is 1.5 miles east of the intersection of old U.S. 82 and U.S. 45 Alternate. The cemetery is still being used to date.

To see this cemetery by grave locations,

Alexander, Willie B. Thompson Pilkinton
Sep 9, 1908-Oct 1, 1980
(wife of Emmett McDuffy Pilkinton,
which see)

Anderson, Carey L (Locke)
(wife of Charles C. Anderson, 1860-1950,
which see, and sister of Martha Locke
Burgin, which see)

Anderson, Charles C. (Jr.)
Mississippi PFC 155 Inf. 39 Division -
World War I
Oct 2, 1888-Jan 10, 1954
(son of Carey L. and Charles C. Anderson Sr.)

Anderson, Charles C. (Sr.)
Oct 6, 1860-Jul 23, 1950
(husband of Carey L. Anderson, had 12
children: Charles E., Mary Emma, Lock,
Roy, Ralph, Wayne, Herbert, Gus, Carey -
some of the children are buried on the
Anderson plot, but do not have markers)

Askew, Elisha
Dec 5, 1863-Oct 29, 1946
(husband of Susie Morris Askew, children -
Edward, William, Fanny May Askew Howell,
Watson, Susie Maude, & Joe Elisha)

Askew, Grace C. (Christopher)
Dec 17, 1919-Aug 16, 1998
(wife of Joe Elisha, which see)

Askew, Joe Elisha
Feb 16, 1913-Apr 19, 1993
(son of Elisha Askew, which see) (husband
of Grace Askew, children - Joe Elisha
Askew, Jr. and Mary Ann Askew Bryson)

Askew, Susie Maude
Apr 5, 1908-Aug 31, 1989
(daughter of Susie Morris Askew and Elisha
Askew, which see)

Askew, Susie Morris
Dec 30, 1873-Jan 15, 1961
(wife of Elisha Askew, which see and
sister of Jervis Morris, which see)

Ayers, Wanda J
Jan 16, 1934-Sep 25, 1974
(daughter of Bonnie and Steve
Vandevender, which see)

Basham, Nancy Burgin
Aug 30, 1922 - Aug 21, 2004
(daughter of William Garner Burgin, which see)

Bell, Elizabeth Burt
Dec 25, 1808-Jun 11, 1890
(wife of Thomas Bell, which see)

Bell, Thomas
May 6, 1796-Dec 4, 1884
(husband of Elizabeth Burt Bell, children -
Battle Bell of Columbus)

Blankenship, Alma Inez McDaniel
Jan 8, 1913-Sep 18, 1991
(wife of Lawrence Blankenship, which see)

Blankenship, Guy Norman
Jun 13, 1880-Jul 3, 1947
(husband of Mary Gray Blankenship,
children - Elma, Clyde, J.D., Ras Norman)

Blankenship, K. Lane
Aug 30, 1957-Mar 8, 1997
(son of Bill Blankenship, grandson of
Lawrence Blankenship, which see)

Blankenship, Lawrence
Aug 23, 1908-May 2, 1989
(husband of Alma Inez McDaniel Blankenship
children - Bill, Gena Blankenship Cates)

Blankenship, Mary Gray
Aug 8, 1887-Dec 5, 1969
(wife of Guy Norman Blankenship, which see)

Blankenship, Ras Leon (Buddy) (Buddy is on
tomb stone)
Jan 17, 1941-May 13, 1964
(son of Gennie Bobb and Ras Norman Blankenship)

Blankenship, Ras Norman
Oct 7, 1909-Aug 26, 1964
(husband of Gennie Robb, children -
Ras Leon (Buddy), Romona Blankenship Dean)

Brown, Lillian Lamb
Oct 6, 1897-Jan 12, 1922
(daughter of Patty Burgin and John A.
Lamb II, which see. husband not known)

Brown, Mary Elizabeth
Jan 22, 1827-Jul 17, 1913
(daughter of Lucinda Sims and Ovid Porter
Brown, sister-in-law of Mary Shaffer
Brown, which see)

Brown, Mary Shaeffer
wife of Stephen A. Brown
May 23, 1842-Nov 26, 1916
(wife of Stephen Albert Brown who is
buried in Columbus, children - George
Shaeffer, Elizabeth Sims, Ellen Clarissa
(Nellie) Brown Pilkinton, Stephen Albert
Jr., Mary Eliza Brown Tate)

Browning, Robert
(son of Charlie Browning's brother.
Charlie Browning was the depot agent)

Buck, Fannie Kate
daughter of J.E. and E.K. Buck
June 10, 1884-Dec 7, 1886
(daughter of Elizabeth Keziah and James
Edwin Buck, who was then the Methodist minister)

Burgin, Charles Buck
Apr 18, 1896-Feb 1, 1982
(husband of Martha DeMoville, children -
Barbara Ellen Burgin Pilkinton, Martha Ann
Burgin Sund)

Burgin, Charles Mellville
Apr 1, 1927-Feb 8, 1928
(infant son of Susie Will Gunter and
William Garner Burgin, which see)

Burgin, Daniel Augustus
Sept 20,1842-Dec 2, 1909
(husband of Myrtis Garner Burgin -
children: Daniel Augustus 1887-1948, Martha
Burgin Fort, William Garner, Beulah Burgin
Johnson, Charles Buck, Thomas Albartus,
Mellville Gathings)

Burgin, Daniel Augustus (Jr)
Nov 19, 1887-Nov 1, 1948
(husband of Dollie Locke Burgin,
child - Daniel Augustus Jr)

Burgin, Daniel Augustus (III)
May 26, 1920-Nov 3, 1997
(son of Daniel Augustus Burgin 1887-1948,
which see)

Burgin, Dollie Locke
Aug 20, 1884-Feb 25, 1972
(wife of Daniel Augustus Burgin, which see)

Burgin, Florence Raymond
Sep 29, 1908-Jul 26, 1954
(wife of William Garner Burgin, children-
John Raymond and Jane)

Burgin, James A.
son of J.D. and M.L. Burgin
Jan 20, 1881-Jun 18, 1881
(infant son of Martha Locke and Capt.
John D. Burgin

Burgin, Capt, John D
Oct 1840-21 Sep 1893
Co F, 26 Alabama Infantry, C.S.A.
(husband of Martha Locke Burgin)
children - twins-James A. & Tom A (1881-1962), Illa
Burgin Browning, William Locke, John
Davis, Rebecca Burgin Reynolds, Pattie
Burgin Lamb, Annie Lizzie Burgin Magruder

Burgin, John Davis
Feb 6, 1874-Sep 21, 1893
(bachelor son of Martha Locke and Capt.
John D. Burgin)

Burgin, Martha A. (Ann)
Apr 22, 1819-Oct 25, 1911
(wife of Thomas A. Burgin, 1814-1897, which see)

Burgin, Martha Ellen DeMobille
Sep 25, 1911-Feb 10, 1993
(wife of Charles Buck Burgin, which see)

Burgin, Martha Locke
Aug 17, 1845-Oct 25, 1935
(wife of Capt. John D. Burgin, which see,
and sister of Carey Locke Anderson, which

Burgin, May Peoples
Jun 2, 1865-Aug 5, 1939
(wife of William Locke Burgin, which see)

Burgin, Mellville Gathings
Jul 16, 1901-Jul 21, 1954
(husband of Irene Valentine, no children,
and son of Myrtis Garner an Daniel
Augustus Burgin Sr., which see)

Burgin, Myrtis Garner
Sep 25, 1858-May 4, 1923
(wife of Daniel Augustus Burgin, which see
and daughter of Rowan Elizabeth and W.S.
Garner, which see)

Burgin, Tom A. (Albartus)
Jan 20, 1881-Dec 29, 1962
(husband of Daisy Pearson, no childdren,
and son of Martha Locke and Capt. John D.
Bugin, which see)

Burgin, Thomas A. (Albartus)
Jan 13, 1814-Jul 25, 1897
(husband of Martha Ann Burgin, children:
Lizzie Burgin Sage, Daniel Augustus Sr.,
Capt John D., Annie Burgin Coleman,
Melissa Burgin Ragsdale)

Burgin, Thomas A. (Albartus)
Sep 8, 1897-Nov 6, 1955
(son of Myrtis Garner and Daniel Augustus
Burgin, Sr., which see, married and
divorced from Pauline Valentine Adair
Burgin, no children)

Burgin, William Garner
Jul 4, 1892-Nov 10, 1970
(husband of Susie Will Gunter, Florence
Raymond and Nancy Henderson, children by
Susie Will - Charles Melville, William
Garner Jr (Bill), Nancy Burgin Basham,
children by Florance Raymond - John
Raymond, Jane) (son of Myrtis Garner and
Daniel Augustus Burgin Sr., which see)

Burgin, William Garner 'Bill', Jr.
Aug 3, 1924 - Oct 3, 2002
(son of William Garner Burgin, which see)

Burgin, William Locke
Nov 2, 1867-Aug 1, 1930
(husband of May Peoples Burgin, no
children, and son of Martha Locke and
Capt John D. Burgin, which see)

Castle, Mollie Toll
Dec 10, 1870-Apr 24, 1936
(wife of William H. Castle, which see)

Castle, William H.
Sep 13, 1860-Nov 7, 1939
(husband of Mollie Toll Castle, no
children, son of Eliza Ada Pilkinton
Castle Locke, who is sister to Henry Cox

Chandler, Virginia Fort
May 14, 1914-May 2, 1993
(daughter of Martha Burgin Fort, which
see) (daughter - Pattie Chandler Smith)

Clarke, James Thomas
May 20, 1826-Apr 7, 1885
(husband of Mary Katherine Clarke and
grandfather of James Thompson Clarke)
Lt., Company D, 3rd Bn, Infantry, Miss State Troops, CSA (added by Harold Wright, 2003)

Clarke, James Thompson
son of J.T. and Mell Clarke
Jun 12, 1904-Oct 22, 1904
(grandson of James Thomas Clarke)

Clarke, Mary Katherine
Dec 28, 1842-Jun 21, 1907
(wife of James Thomas Clarke)

Cobb, Thomas W.
May 22, 1841-Feb 20, 1902
(Military marker) - CSA
Lt. Co. K 6th Mississippi Regt.
(Believed to be marker only)

Coleman, Annie Ragsdale
Oct 8, 1869-May 5, 1923
(daughter of Melissa Burgin and Felix M.
Ragsdale, which see, and husband of Tom
Coleman, children - Felix, John Burgin,
Emily, Ruth Elizabeth)

Coleman, Carrie Ragsdale
Nov 29, 1880-Jan 4, 1961
(wife of George Albert Coleman, which see)

Coleman, George Albert
Jun 7, 1874-Jun 7, 1950
(husband of Carrie Ragdale Coleman,
children - Annie Mae Coleman Wicker and
George Albert Jr.)

Connell, Dollie
Jul 8, 1890-Mar 17, 1963
(daughter of Nancy Smith Cornell Deupree
and John T. Connell, which see)

Connell, Ella
Oct 8, 1875-Mar 15, 1897
(daughter of Mary Munger and William
Vaiden Connell, which see)

Connell, Esther
daughter of W.V. Connell and Esther E. Connell
Jul 20, 1905-Jul 26, 1905
(infant daugher of Esther Maughae and
William Vaiden Connell Jr.)

Connell, Lucy
Jul 8, 1890-Apr 18, 1975
(daughter of Nancy Smith Connell Deupree
and John T. Connell, which see)

Connell, John T.
Feb 16, 1843-Nov 13, 1895
(husband of Nancy Smith Connell Deupree,
children - Dollie, Lucy, Mackie Connell
Ware, Emily Connell McGee) (nephew to
William Fort Connell)

Connell, Mary Munger
Apr 30, 1852-Jun 26, 1912
(wife of William Vaiden Connell, which

Connell, Orpha Salmon
Oct 8, 1837-Jan 12, 1890
(wife of William Fort Connell, which see)

Connell, William Fort
Sep 14, 1826-Nov 24, 1881
(husband of Orpha Salmon Connell, children-
William Vaiden, Mary Alice Connell

Connell, William Munger
son of M.V. and Mary M. Connell
Aug 19, 1879-Feb 3, 1883
(son of Mary Munger and William Vaiden Connell)

Connell, William Vaiden
Aug 6, 1851-Oct 9, 1911
(husband of Mary Munger Cornell, children -
William Munger, William Vaiden Jr., Mary
Louise, Ella Ivy)

Daughety, Nannie Mary Patterson
wife of A. Daughety
mother of J.E. and T.B. Daughety
May 26, 1849-Aug 9, 1917
(wife of Annis Daughety, children - J.E.,
T.B., plus others)

Daughety, J.E.
son of Ananias and Nannie Mary Patterson
Jan 6, 1871-Dec 13, 1919
(military marker)

Deupree, Nancy Smith
Sep 25, 1855-Jan ll, 1930
(first husband was John T. Connell, which see)

Drane, Leslie Robinson
May 8, 1908-Aug 25, 1983
(military marker) Col U.S. Army WW II
(husband of Mary Brown Pilkinton Drane,
children - Mary Ellen Drane Mauldin,
Leslie Robinson Jr., Frances Cox Drane
Ellis, William George)

Drane, Mary Brown Pilkinton
Jul 15, 1908-Sep 12, 1990
(wife of Leslie Robinson Drane, which see,
daugher of Nellie Brown Pilkinton and
Henry Cox Pilkinton, which see)

Edwards, Francis Clyde
Dec 18, 1948 - Oct 6, 2002
(son of John Clyde Edwards, which see)

Edwards, John Clyde
Nov 19, 1903-Oct 25, 1971
(husband of Mary Frances Hughes Edwards,
children - John Richard, Francis Clyde)

Edwards, Mary Frances Hughes
Jan 29, 1908-May 19, 1985
(wife of John Clyde Edwards, which see and
daughter of Ida Lancaster Hughes and
Joe Richard Hughes, which see)

Finklea, Emily Allen
(wife of Samuel F. Finklea, Sr. which see)

Finklea, Roxie Anna
(no dates, daughter of Emily Allen and
Samuel F. Finklea, Sr, which see)

Finklea, Samuel F., Sr.
(husband of Emilly Allen Finklea, children
- Samuel F., Jr., and Roxie Anna)

Finklea, Samuel F., Jr.
(son of Emilie Allen and Samuel F. Finklea
Sr., which see)

Fort, Dollie C. (Connell)
Apr 26, 1836-Apr 8, 1883
(wife of Noah Suggs Fort, which see)

Fort, Fannie
Jan 7, 1870-Oct 14, 1890
(daughter of Dollie and Noah Suggs Fort which see)

Fort, John B(Burl)
Apr 26, 1860-Aug 5, 1919
(husband of Lucy Irion, child - Noah Gordon)

Fort, John Gordon
Nov 9, 1911-Jun 11, 1988
(military marker) Col U.S. Army WW II
(husband of Gena Vick - no children, and
of Alice Prejs, children - John Gordon Jr,
Gretchen Ann Fort Albay, Richard Charles,
Charles, Mary Alice Fort Booth, Thomas
Robert James) (son of Martha Burgin Fort
(which see) and Noah Gordon Fort)

Fort, Lucy Irion
Dec 24, 1862-Oct 14, 1941
(wife of John Burl Fort, which see and
sister to Elizabeth Irion Pilkinton, which see)

Fort, Martha Burgin
Nov 12, 1889-Feb 18, 1980
(wife of Noah Gordon Fort, children -
John Gordon, Virginia Fort Chandler,
Augustus Burgin (Bubba), Martha Elizabeth
Fort Conkling) (daughter of Myrtis Garner
and Daniel Augustus Burgin, which see)

Fort, Noah Sugg
died Sept 6, 1910, born Mar 28, 1829,
(husband of Dollie Connell Fort, children
Fannie, Kate Fort Locke, John Burl, Albartus)

Fortune, Clara Sclater
wife of M.S. Fortune
Jul 28, 1903-Mar 23, 1977
(wife of Merriwether S. Fortune, which see)

Fortune, Merriwether S
Aug 16, 1897-Nov l, 1967
(husband of Clara Sclater Fortune,
child-Irma Fortune Rube)

Frazier, M.E.
Aug 29, 1830-Aug 26, 1895
(mother-in-law of Charlie Anderson Sr's brother)

Garner, R. E. (Richard)
Sep 8, 1848-Nov 5, 1912
(son of Rowan Elizabeth and W.S. Garner, which see)

Garner, Mrs. Rowan Elizabeth
Sep 5, 1822-Dec 18, 1902
(wife of W.S. (William) Garner, which see)

Garner, Susan Adelia
Feb 20, 1853-Dec 26, 1918
(daughter of Rowan Elizabeth and W.S. Garner, which see)

Garner, W.S. (William)
Jun 23, 1812-Jul 4, 1892
(husband of Rowan Elizabeth Garner,
children - Richard, Susan Adelia, Virgie
Garner Gathings, Myrtis Garner Burgin,
Martha Garner Buck, Annette Garner Pettus,
William Charles, Mary Garner Lamb)

Gould, Elizabeth (no dates). 1880 census shows her as the wife of Richard Gould, who was born in Ireland in 1840. Elizabeth D. was shown as age 41, born in Mississippi. Their children were: Lawrence H., age 8, Mary C., age 6, and Willie Ann, age 3.  The 1880 census shows two stepdaughters in the household, Corrine McGee age 20, and Frances G. McGee, age 18. This leads me to believe that Elizabeth was Elizabeth D. Lawrence, daugher of Henry Nathaniel Lawrence and Catherine C. Lawrence, who was first married to Francis M. McGee, son of Francis McGee and Martha Ray.

(Hearon) C.L.H. (Clayton L.)
(infant son of Susan A. and Rev U.J. Hearon)

Hearon, Edward
Jan 29, 1808-May 28, 1889
(husband of Jane A. Hearon)

Hearon, Jane A
wife of Edward Hearon
Oct 26, 1816-Aug 12, 1888

Hearon, Mary P
daughter of A.E. and Allice Hearon
died June 25, 1882, age 1 yr, 10 mos, 28 ds.

Hearon, Susan A.
wife of Rev. U.J. Hearon
Dec 10, 1856-Nov 23, 1892
Thomas E., Mira A., Charles O., Joseph F.,
Finis E., Bruce M., Clayton L., children
of U.J. and S.A. Hearon

Hughes, Ida Lancaster
Feb 9, 1872-Nov 27, 1943
(wife of Joe Richard Hughes, which see)

Hughes, Jo Cash
Dec 19, 1910 - Dec 29, 2000
(daughter of Joe Richard Hughes, which see)

Hughes, Joe Richard
Aug 17, 1872-Mar 23, 1950
(husband of Ida Lancaster Hughes, children
- Ruth, Wilton, Mary Frances Hughes
Edwards, Joe Cash)

Hughes, Ruth Gertrude Nov 6, 1904-Apr 2, 1993
(daughter of Joe Richard Hughes, which see)

Hughes, Wilton H.
Feb 11, 1903-Oct 10, 1923
(son of Ida Lancaster and Joe Richard Hughes)

Johnson, Beulah Burgin
Apr 10, 1894-Feb 9, 1978
(daughter of Myrtis Garner Burgin and
Daniel Augustus Burgin Sr, which see)

Kidd, Louisa McReynolds
Nov 16, 1843-Jul 19, 1902
(wife of Stephen Whitfield Kidd, which see)

Kidd, Stephen Whitfield
Sep 16, 1876-Aug 4, 1925
(husband of Louisa McReynolds Kidd,
children - Billy Kidd)(military marker)

Lamb, John A. II
Jan 26, 1870-Jul 6, 1958
(husband of Patty Burgin Lamb, children
- John A. Jr., Lillian Lamb Brown)

Lamb, John A. Jr.
Oct 24, 1909-Aug 9, 1962
(bachelor son of Patty Burgin and John A. Lamb II)

Lamb, Patty Burgin
Sep 7, 1871-Oct 28, 1958
(wife of John A. Lamb II, which see,
daughter of Martha Locke and Capt John D.
Burgin, which see)

Lance, Bess Louise
Jun 15, 1901-Apr 6, 1987
(daughter of Beulah Kidd Lance and Charlie
Orville Lance, which see)

Lance, Beulah Kidd
Feb 23, 1874-May 11, 1933
(wife of Charlie Orville Lance, which see)

Lance, Charlie Orville
Mar 25, 1866-Sep 1, 1916
(husband of Beulah Kidd Lance, children -
Sidney Orville and Bess Louise) (brother
to Thomas Exam Lance, which see)

Lance, Dollie Sanders
Mar 18, 1884-May 16, 1966
(wife of Thomas Exam Lance, which see)

Lance, Sidney Orville
Sep 29, 1898-Oct 16, 1960
(husband of Virginia Cox Lance, no
children) (son of Beulah Kidd and Charles
Orville Lance, which see)

Lance, Thomas Exam
May 10, 1880-Oct 3, 1934
(husband of Dollie Lance, children -
Ollie, Exam, Otto) (brother to Charles
Orville Lance, which see)

Lance, Virginia Cox
Mar 19, 1915 - May 29, 2002
(wife of Sidney Orville Lance, which see)

Langford, Bertha Nell
Oct 19, 1910-Jun 5, 1993
(wife of Sam Langford)

Langford, Floyd Franklin
Jul 23, 1929-June 4, 1991
(husband of Betty McCord Langford,
children - Janice Marie, Floyd Franklin
Jr., Gary Alan and step daughter Joyce
Steele Edwards) (son of Bertha N and
Samuel D Langford, which see)

Langford, Robert R (Raymond)
(military marker) U.S. Army WW II
(bachelor brother of Samuel D. Langford,
which see)

Langford, Samuel Dunn
Nov 1, 1907-May 7, 1974
(husband of Bertha N Brown, children -
Samuel Dunn, Floyd Franklin, Edna Bell
Langford Cain, Leroy, David Aubrey,
Raymond Wilbur, Herschel Travis, Mary
Virginia Tate)

Locke, Addie C.
Nov 28, 1880-Nov 9, 1966
(sister to Dollie Locke Burgin, wife of
Daniel Augustus Burgin Jr., which see)

Locke, Alexander Clayton
Jan 21, 1852-Apr 20, 1915
(husband of Leah C. Locke, children -
Joseph C., Thomas Walter, Benny Will,
Alice, Mamie, Luthr, Charles, Grady)

Locke, H. P. [Preston], son of Thomas B. Locke and Mary Ann Clayton Locke

Locke, Jamie
(sister to Addie Locke, which see)

Locke, John Willis
Jan 8, 1850-Dec 6, 1917
(husband of Martha J. Locke, children -
Bess Locke , Willie Maud Locke
Gregory, Claud, and brother to Alexander
Clayton Locke, which see)

Locke, Joseph C.
son of A.C. and L.C. Locke
Jan 6, 1891-Sep 3, 1892
(infant son of Leah C. Locke and Alexander
Clayton Locke, which see)

Lock, Kate Fort (spelled Lock without e)
Jul 27, 1857-Oct 10, 1887
(wife of Augustus G. Locke, daughter of Dollie Connell and Noah
Suggs Fort, which see)

Locke, Leah C.
(wife of Alexander Clayton Locke, which see)

Locke, Martha Elise
daughter of R.L. and C. B. Locke
Jul 27, 1900-Nov 2, 190l

Locke, Martha J. Hearon
wife of J.W. Locke
Nov 28, 1853-Feb 10, 1908
(wife of John Willis Locke, which see)

Locke, Mary Ann
wife of Thos B. Locke
Nov 20, 1829-Feb 16, 1912

Lock, Mrs. Rebecca L
wife of William H. Lock
died Aug 16, 1853 in the 27 year of her age
(marker spells Lock without the e)
(appears to be the oldest grave)

Locke, Thomas Walter
son of A.C. and L.C. Locke
Feb 19, 1895-Sep 7, 1896
(infant son of Lech C. and Alexander
Clayton Locke, which see)

McCollum, James D.
Jun 14, 1904-Oct 9, 1987
(husband of Katherine Chapman McCollum,
no children)

McCollum, Katherine Chapman
Jul 7, 1901-Jul 25, 1974
(wife of James D. McCollum, which see)

McGee, Ike according to death certificate but no stone
age 55YRS OLD -d. 07/22/1935

McGraw, Callie Sclater
Dec 14, 1904-Mar 19, 1993
(wife of Ivan R. McGraw and daughter of
Edwin Archer Sclater, which see) (no children)

McGraw, Ivan R
June 16, 1901-Dec 14, 1989
(husband of Callie Sclater McGraw, which see)

Magruder, Annie Elizabeth Burgin
Born Mayhew Sep 30, 1875
Died Baton Rouge, La Aug 3, 1969
(wife of Benjamin Lloyd Magruder, which
see, and daughter of Martha Locke Burgin
and Capt John D. Burgin, which see)

Magruder, Benjamin Lloyd, D.D.S.
Born Yazoo City, Aug 5, 1870
died Starkville, Jun 8, 1955
(husband of Annie Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Burgin Magruder, children - Benjamin Jr.,
and Freeland)

Morris, Harriet
May 3, 1839-Jun 28, 1925
(aunt to Jervis Morris, which see, and to
Susie Morris Askew)

Morris, Jervis
Jun 25, 1879-Dec 28, 1929
(brother to Susie Morris Askew, which see)

Morton, James Richard
Mar 26, 1938-Oct 3, 1983
(husband of Nell Morton Hendrick, children
-James Raymond, Chris Morton Bradford,
James Robert, James Randall)

Mullens, Mary Lee Sclater
wife of O.N. Mullens
Oct 1, 1901-Jan 23, 1980
(wife of Oscar Mullens, which see, and
daughter of Annie Ashby Sclater and
Edwin Archer Sclater, which see)

Mullens, Oscar N.
Nov 21, 1891-Dec 2, 1983
(husband of Mary Lee Sclater, which see,
children - Oscar Mullens Jr.)

Pilkinton, Cannie Nichols
(wife of James Henry Pilkinton, which see)

Pilkinton, Emmett McDuffy
(husband of Willie B. Thompson Pilkinton
Alexander, no children, and son of Cannie
and James Henry Pilkinton, which see)

Pilkinton, Henry Cox (Sr.)
Nov 29, 1855-Aug 10, 1935
(husband of Lizzie Irion and Nellie Brown
Pilkinton, children by Lizzie Irion -
Claude Asa, Maud Pilkinton Young, Samuel
Talmadge, Henry Cox Jr., William Terrell;
children by Nellie Brown - Mary Brown
Pilkinton Drane)

Pilkinton, James Arnold
Sep 4, 1900-Mar 12, 1971
(husband of Lois Ellis Pilkinton and son
of Cannie an James Henry Pilkinton)

Pilkinton, James Henry
(husband of Cannie Pilkinton, children -
Willie, James, Avis Pilkinton Synodd,
Robert Emmett McDuffy, Annie Pilkinton
Smith, and nephew to Henry Cox
Pilkinton, Sr.)

Pilkinton, Jamie Erwin Cox
Dec 18, 1890-Feb 8, 1989
(wife of Samuel Talmage Pilkinton, which see)

Pilkinton, Lizzie (Elizabeth Irion)
wife of H.C. Pilkinton, Sr.
Feb 15, 1858-Jun 19, 1893
(wife of Henry Cox Pilkinton, which see)

Pilkinton, Lois Ellis
wife of James A. Pilkinton
Jan 21, 1900-May 24, 1974
(wife of James Arnold Pilkinton, which see)

Pilkinton, Nellie Brown (Ellen Clarrisa)
wife of H.C. Pilkinton Sr.
Oct 14, 1869-Sep 26, 1945
(wife of Henry Cox Pilkinton, which see)

Pilkinton, Robert E
son of J.H. and C. Pilkinton
Feb 4, 1907-May 27, 1908
(son of Cannie and John Henry Pilkinton, which see)

Pilkinton, Samuel Talmage
Jan 26, 1886-Jan 5, 1974
(husband of Jamie Erwin Cox Pilkinton,
children - Samuel Talmage Jr., Constance
Pilkinton Johnson)

Pilkinton, Samuel Talmage, Jr.
Jun 26, 1922 - May 29, 2002
(son of Samuel Talmage Pilkinton, which see,
Husband of Helon Clark House Pilkinton, children -
Helen "Hedi" House , Samuel Talmage III, David Lavelle,
William Charles and James Clark)

Pilkinton, William Terrell
son of Henry Cox and Elizabeth Irion
Pilkinton (which see)
Dec 1, 1892-Oct 25, 1951
(married and divorced from Penny Golden
Pilkinton, no chilren)

Pilkinton, Willie Alice
Mar 10, 1898-Mar 13, 1985
(daughter of Cannie and James Henry
Pilkinton, which see)

Ragsdale, Felix M.
Sep 29, 1837-Apr 3, 1895
(husband of Melissa Burgin, children -
Frank M., Annie Ragsdale Coleman, Carrie
Ragsdale Coleman, Tommie)

Ragsdale, Frank M.
Co D., 2 Miss. Inf. Sp. Am. War
Jun 28, 1875-Mar 20, 1932
(son of Melissaa Bugin and Felix M.
Ragsdale, husband of Lily,
children - Bessie M., Frank Jr.)

Ragsdale, Melissa Burgin
Apr 24, 1846-Oct 11, 1931
(wife of Felix M. Ragsdale, which see
and daughter of Martha Ann and Thomas A
Burgin (1814-1897), which see)

Ragsdale, Tommie
son of F.M. and M.M. Ragadale
Sep 26, 1878-Sep 4, 1883
(son of Melissa Burgin and Felix M.
Ragsdale, which see)

Reynolds, Rebecca Burgin
Jun 9, 1877-Nov 28, 1949
(daughter of Martha Locke and Capt John
D. Burgin, no children)

Ricketts, Jacob
Apr 10, 1827-Jul 10, 1889

Robinson, John Fuqua
(no dates given)

Sage, Lizzie B. (Burgin)
Beloved wife of Rev. A.P. Sage
daughter of T.A. an M.A. Burgin
Jun 30, 1839-Dec 11, 1897
(daughter of Marth A. and Thomas A.
Burgin, wife of Browning, George
Albert Brown, and Rev. A. P. Sage)

Sclater, Annie Ashby
wife of E.A. Sclater
(wife of Edwin Archer Sclater, which see)

Sclater, Edwin Archer
(husband of Annie Ashby Sclater, children -
Mary Lee Sclater Mullins, Clara Sclater
Fortune, Callie Sclater McGraw)

Smith, Andrew Scott
Sep 11, 1861-Jun 20, 1931
(husband of Johnnie Frances Smith,
children - Mrs. Charlie Browning, plus
others) (Charlie Browning was the
depot agent)

Smith, Annie Pilkinton
Dec 12, 1894-Mar 27, 1934
(wife of Fletcher Coney (Connie) Smith,
which see, and daughter of Cannie and
James Henry Pilkinton, which see)

Smith, Fletcher Coney
Sep 22, 1892-Oct 31, 1969
(husband of Annie Pilkinton Smith,
children - Elma Smith, Inez Smith)

Smith, Irene
Beloved wife of Willie Smith
died Oct 23, 1883

Smith, Johnnie Frances
Dec 3, 1861-Dec 17, 1934
(wife of Andrew Scott Smith, which see)

Smith, Roy
Feb. 15, 1936-Aug. 30, 2004

Smith, Ulysses G
Sgt U.S. Army WW I
Jan 14, 1889-Mar 7, 1969

Stover, David Douglas, in memory of
Jul 11, 1888-May 2, 1935
Laid to rest Strasburg, Va.
(husband of Lizzie Gray Windle Stover,
children - Mary Virginia, Francis Marion,
Lenore Stover Yelverton, Samuel Windle)

Stover, Francis Marion
Jun 14, 1912-Mar 6, 1963
(husband of Lucile Belk, children -
Francis Marion Stover McDill, Elizabeth
Grey Stover, and son of Lizzie Gray
Windle and David Douglas Stover, which see)

Stover, Lizzie Grey Windle
Jun 3, 1884-Sep 16, 1960
Born Edinburg, Va.
(wife of David Douglas Stover, which see)

Stover, Mary Virginia
June 28, 1909-Sept 9, 1994
(daughter of David Douglas Stover, which see)

Stover, Lucille Belk
Sep 11, 1907-Mar 27, 1976
(wife of Francis Marion Stover, which see)

Tate, John U. (Uphratus)
Born Aug 28, 1872 at Graham, N.C.
died Jul 15, 1910
(husband of Mary Brown Tate, children -
John U. Jr., Mary Shaeffer Tate Evans,
Richard Albright, Laura Nell, Robert Wiley)

Tate, Mary Brown (Mary Eliza)
wife of John U. Tate (which see)
Jul 13, 1873-Mar 19, 1961
(daughter of Mary Shaeffer Brown, which
see, and Stephen Albert Brown)

Thompson, Frank Higdon
Aug 31, 1908-May 1, 1977
(husband of Pearl Shook Thompson, children
- Thomas Raymond, Donald Franklin, Frances
Joan, Edward Truman)

Thompson, Pearl Shook
Oct 20, 1916-Nov 13, 1972
(wife of Frank Higdon Thompson, which see)

Thompson, Terri Ann
Jul 24, 1959 - Feb 4, 2004 (age 44)
(granddaughter of Ras Norman Blankenship, which see
Daughter of Romana Blankenship)

Thrower, John Edward
(husband of Sarah Elizabeth Pittillo
Thrower, no children, and brother to
Stephen Dudley Thrower)

Thrower, Mary Alice Connell
wife of Stephen Dudley Thrower (which see)
Nov 13, 1857-May 21, 1916
(daughter of Orpha Salmon and William Fort
Connell, which see)

Thrower, Sarah Elizabeth Pittillo
wife of John E. Thrower
died Jul 11, 1899
(wife of John Edward Thrower, which see)

Thrower, Stephen Dudley
Jun 23, 1853-Nov 12, 1903
(husband of Mary Alice Connell Thrower,
which see, children - Stephen E., William
Connell, Dudley, Tensley, Vaiden)

Thrower, Stephen E.
infant son of S.D. and M.A. Thrower
died May 18, 1886
(infant son of Mary Alice Connell and
Stephen Dudley Thrower, which see)

Thrower, Vaiden Hughes
Jul 20, 1897-Jan 13, 1915
(son of Mary Alice Connell and Stephen
Dudley Thrower, which see)

Thrower, William Connell
son of S.D. and M.A. Thrower
Mar 5, 1883-Jan 3, 1899
(child of Mary Alice Connell and Stephen
D. Thrower, which see)

(all that is on marker, believed to be at
least 3 graves on the plot)

Vandevender, Steve
Feb 12, 1910-Oct 10, 1972
(husband of Bonnie Lee, children - Betty,
Hilda Ann, Wanda, Bonnie Fay, Steve Jr.,
Walter, Linda, Mary)

Vandervender, Bonnie Lee Slawson
Jul 19, 1913 - Jan 10, 2001
(wife of Steve Vandervander, which see)

White, Joe David
Apr 10, 1921-Sep 30, 1963
(husband of Nellie Lee White Yelverton,
children - David Lee, Diane, Donna)

Wiley, Harriet
Aug 18, 1825-Dec 20, 1907
(great aunt to John U. Tate Sr., which see)

Yelverton, Lenore Stover
Aug 21, 1920-Jan 23, 1991
(wife of Peter Anderson Yelverton,
children - Douglas Anderson, and Bess
Yelverton Swedenburg) (daughter of Lizzie
Grey Windle Stover and David Douglas
Stover, which see)

Yelverton, Peter Anderson, Jr.
Jul 9, 1914-Jul 29,1999
(husband of Lenore Stover Yelverton, which see)


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