from the Booklet entitled "Cemetery Record, Mayhew Mississippi",
compiled by Ellen Drane Mauldin, November 1991,
Revised January 1992, Revised June 1995, Revised December 2000
and submitted to the Lowndes County Genealogy Website at

Approximately one mile south of old U.S. Highway 82 on a gravel road and immediately north of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad tracks. The county road is 1.5 miles east of the intersection of old U.S. 82 and U.S. 45 Alternate. The cemetery is still being used to date.

Mayhew Cemetery by Location:

This listing is in order as the graves lie. The road through the center is the dividing road. The order began at the Railroad gate, going North or South from there within the row, and going West with the row numbers.
The use of { } is used to show graves within designated square, either by use of copings or by corner stone markings. Family graves within squares are listed together regardless of row location.

Right side - Beginning at the road by railroad gate and going North
Right side - Row 1 -

Coleman, George Albert
Coleman, Carrie Ragsdale
Magruder, Benjamin Lloyd
Magruder, Annie Elizabeth Burgin
Lamb, John A., Jr.
Brown, Lillian Lamb
Lamb, Patty Burgin
Lamb, John A., II
Burgin, May Peoples
Burgin, William Locke

Right side - Row 2 -

Burgin, Thomas A. (Albartus)
Burgin, Martha A. (Ann)
Sage, Lizzie B. (Burgin)
Burgin, Tom A. (Albartus)
Reynolds, Rebecca Burgin
Burgin, John Davis
Lock, Mrs. Rebecca A.
Burgin, Martha Locke
Burgin, John D. Capt.
{Castles, William H. }
{Castles, Mollie Toll }

Right side - Row 3 -

{Connell, Esther }
{Connell, William Fort }
{Connell, Orpha Salmon }
{Connell, William Munger }
{Connell, Ella }
{Connell, William Vaiden }
{Connell, Mary Munger }
Smith, Irene
Hearon, Jane A.
Hearon, Edward

Right side - Row 4 -

{Fort, Lucy Iron }
{Fort, John B. (Burl) }
{Fort, Dollie F. }
{Fort, Noah Sugg }
{Fort, Fannie }
{Locke, Kate Fort }
{Chandler, Virginia Fort }
Hearon, Mary P.
(Hearon,) C.L.H.
Hearon, Susan A.
Garner, Susan Adelia
Garner, R.E. (Richard)
Garner, Mrs. Rowan Elizabeth
Garner, W. S. (William)

Right side - Row 5 -

Ricketts, Jacob
Locke, John Willis
Locke, Martha J. Hearon
Locke, Alexander Clayton
Locke, Leah C.
Locke, Martha Elise
Locke, Thomas Walter
Locke, Joseph C.
Clarke, James Thompson
Clarke, James Thomas
Clarke, Mary Katherine

Right side - Row 6 -

Drane, Leslie Robinson
Drane, Mary Brown Pilkinton
{Bell, Thomas }
{Bell, Elizabeth Burt }
{Cobb, Thomas W. }
Pilkinton, Samuel Talmage Jr.
Pilkinton, Samuel Talmage
Pilkinton, Jamie Ervin Cox

Right side - Row 7 -

{Pilkinton, Nellie Brown (Ellen Clarissa) }
{Pilkinton, Henry Cox (Sr.) }
{Pilkinton, Lizzie (Elizabeth Irion) }
{Pilkinton, William Terrell }
{Pilkinton, Robert E. }
Locke, H. P.
Locke, Mary Ann
Sclater, Annie Ashby
Sclater, Edwin Archer
Fortune, Merriwether S.
Fortune, Clara Sclater
McGraw, Ivan R.
McGraw, Callie Sclater
Mullins, Oscar N.
Mullins, Mary Lee Sclater

Right side - Row 8 -

{Smith, Fletcher Coney }
{Smith, Annie Pilkington }
{Pilkinton, Willie Alice }
{Pilkinton, Lois Ellis }
{Pilkinton, James Arnold }
{Pilkinton, James Henry }
{Pilkinton, Cannie Nichols }
{Pilkinton, Emmett McDuffy }
{Alexander, Willie B. Thompson Pilkinton}

Right side - Row 9 -

Thompson, Frank Higdon
Thompson, Pearl Shook
Buck, Fannie Kate

Beginning at road by railroad gate and going South

Left side - Row 1 -

Ragsdale, Tommie
Ragsdale, Felix M.
Ragsdale, Melissa Burgin
Coleman, Annie Ragsdale
Ragsdale, Frank M
Tate, Mary Brown (Mary Eliza)
Tate, John U. (Uphratus)
Brown, Mary Shaeffer
Brown, Mary Elizabeth
Wiley, Harriet
Burgin, Mellville Gathings
Burgin Thomas A. (Albartus)
Burgin, Charles Buck
Burgin, Martha Ellen DeMoville
Johnson, Beulah Burgin
Fort, Martha Burgin
Burgin, Daniel Augustus 1842-1909
Burgin, Myrtis Garner
Burgin, Charles Mellville
Burgin, Florence Raymond
Burgin, William Garner
Burgin, William Garner "Bill", Jr.
Basham, Nancy Burgin

Left side - Row 2 -

Finklea, Samuel F. Jr.
Finklea, Roxie Anna
Finklea, Emily
Finklea, Samuel F. Sr.
Thrower, Vaiden Hughes
Thrower, Stephen E.
Thrower, William Connell
Thrower, Stephen Dudley
Thrower, Mary Alice Connell
Robinson, John Fuqua
{Locke, Jamie }
{Locke, Addie }
{Burgin, Daniel Augusta Jr. }
{Burgin, Dollie Locke }
{Burgin, Daniel Augusta 1887-1949}
McCollum, Katherine Chapman
McCollum, James D.

Left side - Row 3 -

Thrower, John Edward
Thrower, Sarah Elizabeth Pittillo

Left side - Row 4 -

Anderson, Charles C. Sr.
Anderson, Carey L. (Locke)
Anderson, Charles C. Jr.
Gould, Elizabeth
Deupree, Nancy Smith
Connell, John T.
Connell, Dollie
Connell, Lucy
{Morris, Harriet }
{Morris, Jervis }
{Askey, Susie Maude (Sue)}
{Askew, Susie Morris }
{Askew, Elisha }
{Askew, Grace C. }
{Askew, Joe Elisha }
Morton, James Richard
{Stover, Mary Virginia }
{Stover, Lizzie Grey Windle }
{Stover, David Douglas }
{Stover, Lucille Belk }
{Stover, Francis Marion }
{Yelverton, Lenore Stover }
{Yelverton, Peter Anderson Jr.}

Left side - Row 5 -

Frazier, M. E
{Lance, Charles Orville }
{Lance, Beulah Kidd }
{Lance, Bess Louise }
{Lance, Virginia Cox }
{Lance, Sidney Orville }
{Kidd, Louisa McReynolds}
{Kidd, Stephen Whitfield }

Left side - Row 6 -

Daughety, Nannie Mary Patterson
Daughety J E
{Lance, Thomas Exam }
{Lance, Dollie Sanders }
Fort, John Gordon
{Blankenship, Lawrence }
{Blankenship, Alma Inez McDaniel}
{Blankenship, K. Lane }
White, Joe David

Left side - Row 7 -

Browning, Robert
Smith, Ulysses G.
Smith, Andrew Scott
Smith, Johnnie Frances
{Hughes, Wilton H. }
{Hughes, Ida Lancaster }
{Hughes, Joe Richard }
{Hughes, Jo Case }
{Hughes, Ruth Gertrude }
{Edwards, Francis Clyde }
{Hughes, Jo Cash }
{Edwards, Mary Frances Hughes}
{Edwards, John Clyde }
{Thompson, Terri Ann }
{Edwards, F. Clyde }
Blankenship, Ras Leon (Buddy)
Blankenship, Ras Norman

Left side - Row 8 -

Blankenship, Guy W.
Blankenship, Mary Gray
Langford, Robert R (Raymond)
Langford, Samuel D. (Dunn)
Langford, Bertha Nell
Langford, Floyd Franklin
Vandevender, Steve
Vandevender, Bonnie Lee Slawson
Ayers, Wanda J.

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