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    Neighboring Counties:
    Clay (North)
    Oktibbeha (west)
    Monroe (north of Clay)
    Noxubee (south)


    Fort, Battle, Captain
    Muldrow, Wm. C. First Lieutenant.
    Dukemanier, Wm. H., Second Lieutenant.
    Low, John W. Third Lieutenant.
    Campbell, Wm. A.,First Sergeant.
    Stanton J. B., Second Sergeant.
    Ervin, E. A., Third Sergeant.
    Kyle, A. D., Fourth Sergeant.
    Ellis, Daniel, Fifth Sergeant.
    Henderson, Wm. H. C. , First Corporal.
    Ellis, Thomas S., Second Corporal.
    Risherson, L. H., Third Corporal.
    Patterson, Sandfort, Fourth Corporal.


    Allston, J. I.
    Allston, James E.
    Askew, Joseph
    Barham, N.
    Bell, J.M.
    Brannon, H. S.
    Brown, J. D.
    Brown, J. P.
    Buford, B.
    Burgess, James
    Clive, H. A.
    Cofin. John C.
    Cottrell, J. M.
    Cox, Wm. S.
    Craig, Robert
    Ellis, F. D.
    Ellis, Robert
    Ellis, Wm. H.
    Ervin, James E.
    Fields, C.D.
    Fields, D. F.
    Fields, R. S.
    Fife, Wm. J.
    Gaston, J. W.
    Griffin ,Noah
    Gunn, John
    Harris, W. J.
    Hartsfield, B. F.
    Hastings, W. W.
    Hill, Green
    Hilliard, W. E.
    Horton, Bery
    Howard, J. M.
    Humphries, J. H. W.
    Joiner, J. E.
    Jordan, Wm.
    Kennegay, Wyatt
    Kirkby, C.
    Laughton, J. C.
    Lyon, T. C.
    Martin, Robert G.
    May, John
    McAdison, S. L.
    McGowan, G. A.
    McLaughlin, G. R.
    McReynolds, G. C.
    McVay, W. C.
    Miller, A. W.
    Montgomery, A. G.
    Montgomery, D. F.
    Murphy, James
    Norwood, R. G.
    Parkham, J. L.
    Parker, J. G.
    Parker, J. W.
    Perkins, J. C.
    Perkins, U. D.
    Perry, I. J.
    Phillips, W. T.
    Redus, Samuel
    Reeves, H. P.
    Reeves, John
    Reives, J. T.
    Reives, Samuel B.
    Robey, J. A.
    Russell, J. M.
    Ryland, H.
    Sandifer, J. M.
    Saunders, Thomas
    Shepherd, Peter
    Smith, John
    Stanton, T. P.
    Stevenson, Sol.
    Stiles, J. E.
    Swanson, H.
    Trewett, P.
    Turner, Gid P.
    Walker, J. D.
    West, A. B.
    West, T. P.
    Whittock C. B.
    Williams, A. R.
    Williams, X. M.
    Wingo, W. H.
    Wood, L. H.
    Woodfin, J. E.
    Wooten, John
    Yeates, E. D.

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