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    Neighboring Counties:
    Clay (North)
    Oktibbeha (west)
    Monroe (north of Clay)
    Noxubee (south)

    Statistics : Principal Wars in Which the United States Participated: U.S. Military Personnel Serving and Casualties

    Daughters of the American Revolution, Mississippi Chapters.

    The Mexican War

  • Lowndes Guards, Company A., 2nd Mississippi Rifles, (Volunteer), Mexican War, Dec. 7, 1846 - April 1848, Provided by Russell James.

  • Chronology by Jefferson Davis, regarding Mexican War

  • Mexican War Research Resources
  • Tombigbee Guards, Company K, 1st Miss. Rifles, Mexican War, Provided by Russell James.

    The War of Northern Aggression, aka The Civil War

    A Diary by Belle Edmonson, kept during the Civil War.

    The Sultana Tragedy

    Complete Mississippi Civil War Unit Index, by county

    Stephen Dill Lee Monument.

  • 1906-1916 Confederate Pension Rolls

  • Rosters

  • Brigadier General William Barksdale, CSA - See biography
  • Company E, 11th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry The Prairie Guards

    Written by D.C. Love of Crawford, Mississippi, 1890; (transcribed from the book, "A History of the Scales of Northeast Mississippi", by Charles M. Scales), submitted on May 30, 2000 by Roger Scales , Houston, Texas

  • Company H, 11th Regiment, Mississippi Calvary Perrin's Calvary Regiment , Ferguson's Brigade

  • Company K, 14th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, 1861. For history of the 14th Regiment., Search Function.

  • 3rd Battalion- Miss State Troops, Lowndes County Minute Men was formed August 4, 1862 from men of Lowndes and surrounding Mississippi counties and was commanded by Lt. Col. Thomas A. Burgin. Officers of Company D from Lowndes Co. were Captains Jeptha V. Harris, and Edward. W. Lacey and Lieutenants were Ruffin Webb, J.H. Henry and James T. Clarke. After duty in Okolona and Columbus, they were sent to Vicksburg, MS. and captured July 4, 1863. They were paroled and musted out of the service on September 22, 1863. See history of the Mississippi State Troops - Minute Men,

  • Company D, 24th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, also known as Caledonia Rifles of Lowndes County. For a brief history of the 24th MS Infantry Regiment and complete roster of unit members, and enter Confederate, MS, 24 and Infantry.

    Aberdeen Examiner, July 29, 1937 - Historic Event in the Days of ā€˜61 - Presentation of Silk Flag to Company ā€œDā€, Caledonia, Miss. Rifles, Sept. 25, 1861, with Address by Miss Annie Vaughn, By Dr. Emmett Jamison .
    Full Text, copied and sent in by James L. Murphy.

  • 35th MS. Infantry Regiment- This unit was organized in West Point, MS in March 1862 and consisted of several companies from Lowndes county. For a brief history of the 35th MS Infantry Regiment and complete roster of unit members, and enter Confederate, MS, 35 and Infantry.

  • Company A (Sharp's Company), 44th Mississippi Infantry Provided by Russell James.

  • Company C, 2nd Battalion (Taylor's), 48th Mississippi Regiment, Provided by Russell James.

  • Index to Confederate Pension Roll, Lowndes County, Mississippi, 1907-1916, Provided by Russell James.

  • 43rd Regiment, MS Infantry
  • Hardy's Company of State Troops, CSA, from Artesia, submitted by Russell James

  • The 42nd Alabama Infantry Regiment was formed in Columbus, Mississippi on 16 May 1862 and was composed of companies from nearby Alabama counties. I am listing it here because many of Lowndes County citizens at that time enlisted in regiments other than those specific to Lowndes County. The entire history and rosters of unit members from the 42nd Alabama Infantry Regiment is a very interesting web site.

  • A letter written by 1st Sergeant Stephen D. Ellis, Company A, 18th Louisiana Cavalry Battalion, to Brother, from Camp at Columbus, Miss., April 9, 1865 regarding the Yankee Invasion. Submitted by Scott Owens, Mobile, AL, April 2002.

  • CSA Deceased Causalities treated at Lauderdale Springs Hospital, Lauderdale County, MS

    Spanish-American War

  • Mississippi Spanish American Rosters

  • Queen City Guards, Company D, 2nd Mississippi Volunteers, Spanish-American War, provided by Russell James.

    World War I

  • WWI Registrants From Lowndes County

  • Letter from Leon W. Cox, Somewhere in France, Nov. 23, 1918

    World War II

  • Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File,, from Lowndes County, ca. 1938 - 1946 (Reserve Corps Records)
  • The National Archives' WWII Casualty Lists from Mississippi

  • Casualty List from Lowndes County, WWII

    The Korean War, aka Korean "Conflict"

  • Korean Conflict Mississippi Casualties

  • Korean Conflict MIA's and POW's

  • Korean War Repatriated POW's, extracted from the National Archives Records by C. L. Herrick.

    Vietnam War

  • Viet Nam Casualties from Lowndes County

  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Mississippi

    Wars Against Terrorism, an ongoing battle (Persian Gulf Wars and War in Afghanistan)

  • Fallen Heroes from Mississippi in War Against Terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Terror within our Own Boundaries, September 11, 2001. Let's not forget!

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